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Eye of the Beholder
As the crew initially entered the rift to the Realm of Stars, Miles immediately took ill. The usual voice in his head became a feedback loop and he lost connection to his patron. After defeating the Void Dragon, the party ran for the portal but it closed before they could return to their realm. After searching around, they discovered invisible platforms that would illuminate when stepped on. A trail of steps led away from the safety of their barren island and off into the void. They followed these steps until they were ambushed by Voidlings. The party defeats them and then makes a deal with them. The Voidlings think of the parties as anomalies and themselves as defenders of such intrusions into this realm. They tell them of another such anomaly. If the party helps resolve this anomaly, they may return to their own realm. After another long walk, they reach an island with stone steps. Orbiting all around this island are creatures that look like beholders, which is this world look a bit like space jellyfish.

Miles' amulet which first triggered his connection to his patron is always rusty. He assumed it was a tentacled symbol from beneath the Nethersea, but as the rust now finally cleared, the tentacles were stalks - it was a symbol of a beholder.

The party fights their way into the temple and finds an enraged beholder. After defeating it, the beholder reveals himself to be an Observer. They watch our world through the eyes and actions of people like Miles. The party asks questions of the Observer and he answers as best he is able. They are then guaranteed a return to their realm.
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