Entry #7
Well journal Dribble says I need to be less Lazy and keep up with my writing.

So here is just a short one.

Well we finished off the ugly people in town and decided to help the colony again.

I wonder if we will ever get promoted shrug

Oh and the tailer still has not finished my new shirt sighe, I wonder how much longer he needs mother never took that long to make a shirt.

After a lot of hard work we figured out where the ugly people were coming from and decided to go find them.

Dribble and I pulled our boat across to the island they were on.
It was fun and Dribble enjoyed it.

When we arrived we found some ruins and began searching for clues.

While we were searching we came across this thing that attacked it it was a table can you believe that journal we were attacked by a table.

We finally defeated the table.

After killing the table Dribble was upset all he kept saying was yuck yuck you owe me a lot of berries that thing tasted nasty.

Well guess I’ll have to use the stick to make him berries.

Well journal that’s all for now.
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