Murder Case
Kit and Bastet returned the necklace for the ghost girl. Apparently, the server from the night before had it and sold it to Bastet. They returned it last night. Daksh and I went back to camp after dinner and missed that whole ordeal but I'm not complaining at all. I didn't want to go back to that creepy house anyway.

In the morning, we began investigating the murder of Alia. We were told the Calygni live outside of town in caves near the docks. We head that way and speak with Meerata's family We found out the accused is a Calygni named Meerata. Next, we head to the talent competition and the general consensus is that nobody involved in the competition believes she committed the murder.

We headed to the inn where the victim was staying. Her room looked like someone was looking for something. In the mess, I found some notes from Rat. They were love letters, five in all. He seemed like he was infatuated with her.
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