Crimes of Fashion
We found Aloua! We went to the tavern and she just happened to be our waitress. Kit and I both tried to talk to her, but we seemed to scare her more that anything. I really don’t understand why people are so often put off by me. I am generally a nice person. Maybe my face just doesn’t translate that very well. Anyway…We ate and she wouldn’t even bring us our bill, Daksh left a note on it, presumably to either, inform her that we aren’t crazy or to get her phone number. She didn’t seem his type, so I’m guessing the former, but who knows. Everyone else leaves, but Kit wants to leave her a note about the necklace, however, she needs to purchase parchment to do this, so I go with her instead of everyone else. There is a lot that could go wrong in this town, so I didn’t want her to be alone.

We get back to the tavern and get a note to her and she finally talks to us. I guess Daksh wrote something similar to what Kit wrote, so she believed us. She tells us that she has it, but it’s at her home. We go with her and she is 100% cat lady. They were so cute! Her place was also lacking in the organizational department, so we started to help her look for the necklace. I noticed one of her cats seemed suspicious and was taking things somewhere, so I followed him and I found a whole stash of trinkets. Not wanting to dishonor his hard work, I only retrieved a couple of things and the necklace and gave those back to Aloua and we kept the necklace and went on our way.

Of course, Kit wanted to return the necklace to the young ghost that night and not in the daytime, so we started toward her house. We were stopped by some guards that were checking to see that we were 1. Alright and didn’t need help and 2. That we weren’t up to something sketchy…Nope, just going to give our ghost friend her necklace back, no biggie…Then we were stopped a second time by some thugs trying to rob us. Oh silly thugs. I’m not entirely sure what Kit did to get rid of hers, but I stabbed mine. Then he spat on me and ran away, so I threw a dagger that went soaring just next to his ear. Silly, silly thugs.

We made it back to Maisey’s house and Kit gave her the necklace. This must have freed her, because we didn’t feel her any longer. Then we left and Kit tried to talk to the neighbor and bribe her for more info, but all she said was to go to the docks. We did not, thankfully, go to the docks at that moment, but headed towards the caravan instead. Arie was none too pleased with us when we returned. I, being a terrible liar, but also trying not to say “I was just trying to make sure Kit wasn’t alone” was a little more sarcastic than I probably should have been, but I really am fearful of us being on our own. We’ve had too many problems with getting lost and taken or turned into a ghost. I don’t want to lose anyone else.

The next morning, I woke up very early to practice for the shows coming up. Of course, Ezra was already up practicing and stuff…show off….He has been in a rather good mood lately though, I’m glad things are going well for him. Anyway, after practicing for a bit, I noticed that Daksh, Kit and Ash looked as though they were heading into town so I decided to go with them. Daksh found the person who runs the competition for the fashion designers, so he spoke with her. I stayed away so I wouldn’t scare someone else…sigh. After speaking with her, he tells us what she was able to tell him regarding the murder and the prime suspect. Daksh, naturally, wanted to go fill out forms and talk to the local guards regarding the incident and begin a formal investigation within the confines of the law. Kit had other ideas. She was not willing to work withing a corrupt government system, understandably so, but I can also see where Daksh was coming from. Knowing that Kit would be doing exactly what Kit thought was the correct and best path, I stepped in and suggested we take Kits avenue first and if we need to involve local authorities at some point, we would address that then. We agreed and decided to see if we could get the family of the accused Calligney girl, Meirta to speak to us and allow us to find the truth on her behalf.

We arrived at the outskirts of town and found her family. We were not greeted warmly at first, but we stated our purpose and were lead back to her boyfriend. He was the person being attacked that Kit helped the day prior. He explained that Meirta would never have done this and that there is a lot of injustice and racism involved in this case, so we get what information we can and we head to speak to the other contestants of the competition.

Ash, Kit and I go to speak with the Rat…what a nickname…He was infatuated with Alihya and she did not seem to return his affections. Could he have possibly killed her out of sorrow and rage? He didn’t seem like he was really the killing type. He also seemed genuinely heartbroken at her death. I got the feeling he really just was obsessed with her and loved her…in his own, very rat like way. He was extremely attractive, though. There must have been something about his personality she didn’t like, cause he was lovely to look at.. He also told us that she was found by the docks on the beach 3 days ago.

After speaking with Mr The Rat, we went to the beach to check out what was left of the crime scene. There really wasn’t much there, not that we thought there would be, but Kit did find a chip of red paint. We also went to speak with Ana while we were at the beach and we ran into Daksh, so we all spoke to Ana. He didn’t tell us much that we didn’t already know. Meirta is innocent, the town is racist, Rat loved Alihya, etc…

Ultimately, only one person had paints and that was Demaura. Not only is she a contestant, but she’s also a childhood friend and two people pointed a finger at her. I just didn’t get the feeling that she was a murder though. Perhaps someone is framing her.

We made our way to the Inn and looked through Alihya’s room. It looked like someone had been rummaging through it, looking for something. Perhaps this is what got her killed. I would really like to know more about her past. I’m concerned that we are searching for the answer in the contestants and not following other avenues, although, the investigation is still very young and we will likely discover much more about her over the next day or so. I just hate that a potentially innocent person is being held because of her race.
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