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# 5 Drop Dead Fashion
We've switched over to the murder in the fashion show. I guess Kit and Bastet took care of the necklace.

A gnome woman was murdered -- contestant in a fashion contest. Winner gets contract with famous designer. Type of reward that can define ones career. Five contestants before that were understandably stressed with the contest itself right around the corner. Local authorities arrested an assistant to one of the contestants. Claims of eye-witness testimony somehow proving her guilt.

Deceased name was Allea Nimbleweed. She had ties to a few of the contestants, but no obvious ties. "Rat" was infatuated with her -- evident in his notes and how he talks about her. She was also a child-hood friend of Dimara. They didn't seem that close now. Kit did find a chip of paint matching her materials at the murder scene. Roal seemed the most indifferent about Allea -- though she is experienced enough with a knife that I'm sure she could critically injure someone. Lastly is Ana. Accused was his assistant. He is obviously strong and has trouble doing fine maneuvers. Seemed very adamant that his assistant had nothing to do with it. Didn't have any disposition towards Allea.

It was clear after further investigation that Allea was ahead of the competition. That gives each contestant a direct motive for her demise. While questioning the other contestants I did a survey of visible knives. Examining the body seems crucial to our next steps.

And thus our problem. Kit is very paranoid about the local government simply sweeping this under the rug. While the town clearly suffers from racism, I suspect the local powers are simply lazy or self-serving. Manipulating such a group is usually just an exercise in flattery and political spin.

But we didn't go through that avenue. We've essentially just collected information without any legal recourse. And now we need to see the victims body -- presumably in possession of said authorities. I'm critical of this path. If Kit is right and the authorities can't be trusted, I suspect they're just as likely to lock us up as they are to clear the accused because a bunch of strangers provided an alternative. We're operating in the dark and it's only going bite us in the end.
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