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Mage Battle II
Session 3: Hot Water
After reporting the loss of Vandoo's Diamond, the party speaks with Endrin, wise and revered leader of the Aquendrin monastic order. He explains that the symbol from the brutish orc's breastplate is a token that represents Odmund, a malevolent elven wizard from 3 centuries ago. Odmund was defeated and exiled by his former mentor, Quez (another elven wizard), and now plots revenge. Considering their original battle occurred in the kingdom of Tembagoll, a kingdom which clearly sided with Quez, Odmund is almost certain to desire their punishment or even destruction. Endrin reveals he was once part of an adventuring group that tried to face Odmund - and he is the only survivor.

Considering Quez has himself gone int hiding, Endrin charges the party with travelling to Tembagoll and warning Kinn, the Regent of Din'Arrata (and chief advisor to King Dwylonn), who is a trustworthy man, that Odmund will likely return soon. After that, they should attempt to ascertain what Odmund is up to and try to stop it, and to see if there is any way to find and contact Quez himself.

Upon arriving in Din'Arrata (and sampling some of the local Sunblossom Fruit dishes), the party requests audience with Regent Kinn. They were just getting to the good part when they were interrupted by a self-important man who introduces himself as Ambassador Antiope, and who loudly proclaims that the entire island of Brevell is petitioning to secede from Tembagoll. This caused Kinn to postpone his conversation with the party to handle this massive upheaval.

Both Turtle and Sinestra, separately, manage to seduce members of Antiope's retinue and both score late-night trysts with the hopes of learning more. And while Turtle was scoping out the ambassador's ship, a blue-banded crow delivers a message for him to meet someone on the castle parapet - this is Prince Kheelonn. Kheelonn questions Turtle about himself and his backstory, seeming at times to be commiserating over a common problem. The prince gives Turtle a messenger pigeon trained to return to the castle, and asks him to stay in touch.
Session: Session #3: Hot Water - Sunday, Feb 09 2020 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
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