Entry #11
Well journal we ended up having to kill more of those ugly guys they had four people that they were controlling. We tried to not kill them but unfortunately one of them died. I felt really bad about it. Dribble pointed out that at least we saved three.

After that we continued exploring

In one room we found a locked chest it had some nice shoes in it.

In another room we found a bunch of stuff Delmar calls it clock stuff ( don’t make sense to me ).

He then spent some time working on the metal girl and she woke up and talked to us.

She said she could not reach her god.

She asked us to turn on the lights in this temple, well I can’t remember the gods name Delmar says the god sacrificed himself to save his people he must of been good.

The metal girl said he was god of creation guess she means like building things.

Oh then we went to the room she showed us and We were able to turn on the lights but then these huge elemtals arrived and attacked us. They almost killed us we ran like babies scared of the wind. They seemed really angry about something so Hopefully we
can figure out how to talk to them.

The metal girl came with us. She seems to be a good soul. I wonder perhaps abadar will talk to her maybe convert her to worship abadar. Since once we clear out this place it would make a real good temple to abadar.

I want to hurry up so we can get honey and then go get my shirt.

I still wonder what happened to my sister is she Still alive I continue to ask abadar to help me finder her.

Well enough rambling till next time
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