The second time we battled the strange tentacle monsters, we managed to be quick enough to rescue the Inevitable. It introduced itself as Pendus, and as we all had the goal of fixing whatever was going on, we moved forward together.

We passed through a string of cavernous chambers and hallways, fighting more creatures along the way. They had a curious ability to manipulate time for themselves, to be able to dodge blows. Still, eventually we were able to bring them down and continue.

We saw ahead a dragon-shaped figure somehow unaffected by the time freeze, but were never able to catch up to it. It (or something else) did some work for us though, opening the doors which led into the treasure vault.

Within the vault, there were two things which gave us pause. First: a black, rotating egg. It was at least eight feet tall, and through it were swirls of sickly purple. Second: a familiar face, our old foe Lieutenant Tightpants. He was being held and controlled, disgustingly, by one of the tentacle creatures, and he held a satchel barely cradling a crystal orb.

The crystal was the Orb of Argent Command - a powerful artifact which we obviously had to rescue.

The egg hatched into a Void Giant, and when we defeated it, it contracted into nothing, and took the poor Lieutenant with it. Kaela later tried to contact him, and the news was strange - he replied "I am lost, but now belong to Nothing. The Naught Queen sought a Dragon War. Rescue is for those who have lost their way." I pity the poor man, surely no one deserves that sort of poor fate.

Fortunately slaying the giant seemed to correct the flow of time. Even better, the Dragons seemed willing to listen to our tale, and believed it. They counted our success as Jokula's trial, and after a brief fete we were sent on our way.
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