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Deadly Quests
68th Session
9th of Hammer - The Year of Gulagoar 1316 DR

(day 61 of 90)

As the airship continued the crew's suspicions grew larger. Their plot quickly unraveling, the guest on board the ship was revealed to be a high ranking diplomat on a secret mission to Zakhara. With the help of the missing navigator, they informed the ranking officers and summoned help from the wizards of Halruaa. Most of the party was killed by the wizards, with only a few escaping to the narrow ravine gorge below.

Fortunately, the crate full of rare spices and unguents was also lowered down to the valley floor and Arxaris was able to make use of it to cast reincarnate on several members.

They walked on foot for 5 more days, eventually coming to the end of the Forbidden Plateau and entering in to a large cave at the end of the ravine.

They emerged from the cavern complex 3 days later, and were greeted by an Aasimar named Zenora and a being known as Sannyasi. They were guided through the forest of Langdarma when Arxaris suddenly ran off deep in to the woods, telling them to continue on without him.

Zenora lead them to a cave on the opposite side of the forest. This was the entrance to the Monastery of the Distressed Body. From here they navigated another series of tunnels until finally reaching the monastery entrance.

Session: Chapter 11: Wu Pi Te Shao Mountains - Sunday, Jan 19 2020 from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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