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Deadly Quests
70th Session
9th of Uktar - The Year of the Turret 1360 DR

The fellowship traveled north through the ash cloud and over the top of the Leopard Shan mountain range, arriving upon the Silk Road the next day.

10th of Uktar

An additional three days of travel in the apparatus along the Silk Road lead them to Iliphanar, the first city of Semphar. They found it securely under Hubadai's control.

13th of Uktar

They floated the apparatus across the Semphar Water and traveled for 7 more days until reaching the Mulhorandi capital of Skuld.

21st of Uktar

The fellowship arrived in Skuld and went their separate ways from here. Xzar, Tiffalin and Wyatt stayed in Skuld.

3rd of Nightal
Jarna dropped off Arxaris in Aglarond.
Xzar arrives at Nezram's tower by the town of Azun along the Lake of Salt.

8th of Nightal
Jarna dropped off Nix, Sevrin, and Xaehyd in Telflamm.

28th of Nightal
Jarna arrived in Thasunta.
Session: Chapter 11: The Apparatus of Kwalish - Sunday, Feb 16 2020 from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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