Fuck, I'm free? Now what?
For years Salass has been a "consort" to one of the elder elves in Tier tenjier. Upon his recent passing, the son of the elf removed all of his fathers advisors, consorts and other play things from the grounds in order to make them his. That included Salass. With a small amount of nguyen and a point to the nearest bus stop, she was kicked out of the only place she had known as home for almost as long as she could remember.

She wasn't sure what to do, but when a few of the others mentioned they would make their way to Seattle she followed them. For once her abnormal nature paid off, and within an hour of exiting the bus, she had found herself a job offer as a "consort". It was basically what she had been doing with the old man, so she agreed, and quickly her reputation began to grow.

While it was fairly profitable, it was boring, and Salass craved excitement. She told one of her clients one night, and he explained the life he was in, as a shadowrunner. Salass decided this could be an interesting way to fight the boredom, after all, one could only gamble for so long, before even that began to grow a bit tedious...
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