Entry #13
Hey journal just a short note here as I don’t really have much to tell.

We continued exploring the temple while the metal girl worked on the metal guy ( trying to repair him I guess ).

As we explored we came across a group of the ugly guys whose we killed after a short while We were attacked by several groups of the ones Delmar called Skum however we were able to defeat them. One group was hidden in a secret room of course Bryn missed it lol

Hmm I keep asking Abadar to talk to the metal girl just not sure if he did or if he ever eill. Of course I will keep trying. I have also asked him to help me find my sister hopefully she is safe.

Hopefully we can get back soon and I can get the new armor made.

Now o. To important matters I sure hope my new shirt is ready it should match this new robe spectacularly, really can’t wait to get it

Well that is enough rambling for now.

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