Excerpt from the Journal of Giuseppe Uccisore
March 30, 1425 - Florence

Pia’s insolence taxes my patience. We’ve been here barely a day and she acts like a dog let loose from its leash, all the training and discipline, cast off like a collar. Hopefully, some temperance might rub off from spending time with Adelesia. I cannot speak too harshly, based upon my own foibles. After tracking down this Vincenzo fellow, imagine my embarrassment when this lying churl acted as if he wasn’t who he said he was! I nearly succumbed to the gratification of taking a pair of pliers to his balls, when that cox-comb Giovanni stepped in.

Luckily, a distraction, by the name of Agnola has a job for us. A Duchessa caught by her husband with her harp instructor’s delicate finger work in her knickers. Another Noble sob story, send in the street ruffians to fix it. If the combination to the strongbox doesn’t work, I’ll be taking Agnola’s delicate fingers.

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Omg this is pure gold John. Love the character. "Delicate finger work in the knickers" is the icing on the cake.
All I have to say is, Plyers to the ball? Ouch! great post