The Ruins
He bore a strange and strained look since we entered the ruins, and he murmured repeated complaints that his suit of Blackbyrne colors would not be dismissed. As darkness drew itself around us, our search grew more desperate.

Padhraig sensed a growing magical effect around Cabhan, tinged with Necromantic components. And it only worsened as we searched.

Finally, we found what we thought we were looking for: a promontory stretching over the water, etched with a strange and complicated rune nearly fifteen feet across.

“By Your Power, let death at the hands of our kin bind and strengthen us both. In Darkness reborn, ro forge anew in Darkness.”

Lightning struck the sea, the fog collected and thickened until from its depths emerged several fearsome figures.

I’m unsure if I began screaming when they appeared, or when Cabhan coldly ordered them to kill us all, but in short order my throat was raw and my cheeks burned from my tears.

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