Argumentative Term Paper

College students often have to write argumentative term papers like pro free essay writer do , in which they offer their opinion on a topic that they have researched. These term papers frequently appear in the humanities and the fine arts, which are disciplines that rely heavily on subjective experience and on the discussion of ideas from many angles.

Students who have never written an argumentative term paper may feel some confusion over the word "argumentative." An argumentative term paper is not a paper in which one has a fight with the reader or chooses some hot button issue and insults the opposition; it is a term paper in which one writes openly in favor of a certain idea. The academic use of the word "argument" refers to an attempt to persuade the reader through the use of good rhetoric, sound logic, and strong research.

The student who is writing an argumentative term paper should first of all choose a good paper or essay topics that engages his or her attention. Second, he or she should read a few research sources to find out what controversies or interpretive possibilities exist on the subject. For example, one who is writing a term paper on the ecological concerns of growing coffee should read a few sources to determine what issues are involved and which position on those issues he or she favors. The student should then formulate a working thesis statement, which is an articulation of the paper's position and which probably will grow and change as the research progresses.

Third, the student should conduct the research proper, finding and reading all available sources that are relevant to the topic. The student should keep careful track of which sources agree with the thesis statement and why, which sources disagree and why, and which sources offer neutral information on the subject.

After completing the research, students must write their argumentative term papers. They should seek to support their position as fully as possible, which includes mentioning and refuting the sources that disagree with the thesis statement. They must also be sure to offer evidence for every point they make.
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