Caramels and Session 24 Notes

2 C sugar
1/2 C butter
2 C heavy cream
3/4 C light corn syrup

Grease baking dish. Heat all ingredients to boiling in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring constantly. Cook, stirring frequently, until a ball of mixture dropped in cold water holds its shape. Pour into baking dish immediately. Cool completely. Cut into individual pieces and wrap.

Session 24 Notes
A slave auction started in the marketplace, and Tagrimm spotted a red cloaked figure. After some confusion, we chased after the red cloak and Speed tied him up. We were chased by some kind of construct, which we attacked until it stopped chasing us. We brought the red robe out of the cartways and interrogated it. We learned how the red robes dealt with Pax and Co and began working on a plan. Speed is confused and Scotti is ready to fight.
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