I return to you now at Neap Tide!
A screeching wail and suddenly - nothing. I find myself in the deepest depths of the blackest sea. After what seems an eternity, I envision a pinpoint of light ahead and begin to drift lazily towards it, following the abyssal currents. Yet, before I can reach the beacon, a faint voice calls out: "Delmar." My course alters and I move toward the sound. The voice grows louder and clearer, my speed increases and my path becomes more direct. I open my eyes and gasp. As I look around, I see four oddly familiar figures standing around me.

"Delmar, you're back," says one of them.
"Delmar...," I murmur. "Yes, Delmar. Delmar Grott is what they used to call me. But I am Delmar the Taupe! That's one up in the world of Wizards!"
Session: Game Session - Thursday, Oct 01 2020 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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