"Beware of Purple Worms!"
Based off a rumor of a side entrance to Rappan Athuk, the party of adventurers continued their journey toward the bridge spanning the river near the Dragonmarsh Lowlands. Shi-Jo Kara spotted a small opening near the river. A stream of steady water spilling from it. She took off her gear and squeezed into the opening, swimming against the current. She arrived inside a large canyon. The rest of the party soon joined her, and they climbed the sheer cliff to a narrow walkway. After walking several miles, they entered a great cavern. Goblins mined the cavern walls and paid no mind to the small adventuring group.

Over hills, around lakes, and between cavern walls, the group walked. They came to a pair of iron doors. Locked. Shi-Jo's bain, but this did not stop her. She hacked at the door with her magical sickles and eventually cut the lock out of the door. Inside the vault was dust. Upset at her misfortune, she pocketed the lock and led the party onward through the cavern.

Veering toward the sound of thunder rumbling in a large cave of the cavern, the group came upon a breathing wall. Shi-Jo introduced herself in several languages, but the wall did not seem friendly as it awoke. The party looked up to see the mother of all purple worms!

Arya Darkwing was the first to be eaten. Shi-Jo attempted to come to her partner's rescue but was pierced through her heart by the creature's powerful tail. She died instantly. All the while, Sis is trying to keep her party alive until "big momma" swallows her whole.

While inside her gut, Sis discovers that Arya is still alive, barely! She heals her compatriot and herself, but the crushing walls of the stomach and the acid dissolving their flesh is too much to handle. With her dying breath, Sis heals her friend one last time, but her martyred attempt just delayed the inevitable.
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