Test of Sacrament
Continuing away from the open pit, the party enters through the door they left before. The acrid smell hits "Cloak", nauseating him. The rest of the party see before them a large hall filled with greenish-black liquid and balance beams. They begin moving across the beams, careful to not dip themselves into the acidic liquid.

Rayven Vehrscyal spider climbs around the room and opens the nearest door. As the door pivots, he is thrown into a small room filled with the same acidic bile. After some deliberation, "Cloak" tries to open the same door and joins Rayven in the trap, landing face first in the acidic liquid. Rayven grabs "Cloak" and escapes the deadly room. Using his magical boots, they rejoin the rest of their balancing party.

Everyone decides to head to the other side of the strange hallway. They move towards the double doors. Some slip and fall into the green fluid while others move through it with acid protection. Zaknyran Olrileon notices slimy patches across "Cloak" and realizes that he is not looking very well. "Cloak" has a disease for slimy patches are growing on his arms and face. Everybody is a little more cautious to stay out of the ooze.

Rayven reaches the double doors first and opens them. It's another trap! All the balance beams sink into the disease-ridden, acidic fluid. Everyone races to get out of the hallway, minus Rayven who has protected himself from the acid. He finds an illusionary wall and something else.

A creature attacks him and engulfs him, while Zaknyran removes the diseases infecting him and "Cloak". Dagger rushes to retrieve her compatriot, Rayven. Zaknyran informs her where he is, even though no other exit exists in the pool of slime. "Cloak", recovered from his nausea, soars through the room and dives through the wall to end up in the creatures belly. Dagger steps through the wall and sees a huge black blob but no party members.

Rayven appears on the other side of the room like a beacon in the darkness. He throws an orb of fire at the black ooze and destroys the creature before it finishes off his party member.
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