A Race Against Time
Saint Seldaleyra has been in Bard's Gate for a while, now, helping the helpless and feeding the underfed. While in the marketplace, a winged snake appears with a scroll and a pulsing crystal. The scroll denounces that the crystal is a bomb, and there are 7 more of them scattered throughout the city. These other bombs will explode in 3 hours, but the one she is currently holding will explode in 30 seconds!

Skorukh has been tired of seeing the exotic hides of his ancestors being sold on the street. He formed this picket line three days ago. While marching outside "The Second Skin," a local exotic pelt store in Bard's Gate, he notices a peculiar sight: a simply-dressed human is running down the street at an alarming rate. He hands his picket sign off to one of his acquaintenances and rounds the corner to see this poorly-dressed female, now, throwing a pebble into the nearby canal. Two seconds later, KAAAAHBOOOOOOOOOM!!

Malakai has a hangover. As it is difficult to remember what happened the night before, apparently someone smoked all his herbs and ate all his mushrooms. Now, he has no materials to cast his spells, so he had to go into the most heinous city to get some because his usual hook-up is currently out of stock. But, Malakai did get a tip from one of the locals that M'kele Sese Sese at the "JuJu Fetish" is supposed to have some premium herbs and prime fungus. While scoring a wheelbag from M'kele, he feels a rumble, waves his hand behind his back, and says, "whoa, 'scuse me, dude." He walks out of the shop to see chaos ensue down at the local market.

Dusk Mirrormoon left "Shylor the Augurer" displeased. Had it not been for her run of bad luck recently, she never would have spent 3 harps on a lousy psychic. She's been here for a while and only makes enough money for food and lodging by picking other thieves' pockets. She makes sure to never stay in the same inn more than once and always has a different look about her. When she nears the marketplace, she feels the earth shake and a column of water nearby blasts 30 feet into the sky. Curiously, she rounds the protestors and sees the Lyreguard surrounding a few suspects. Interesting...
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