The Fifth Guardian
After leaving the latest chamber and dragging along Ryu, the draconic cohort of Lord Rayven Vehrscyal of the Scarlet Night, the party enters a large cavern. The cavern is filled with fungus and mushrooms as far as their gloomy eyes can see.

Lord Rayven decides to teleport back to town with Ryu in tow. He has to deal with this "problem." Meanwhile, "Cloak," Dagger, and Zaknyran Olrileon get attacked by large mushrooms! The mushrooms advance and use their strange tentacles to try and grab the party members.

After dealing with the weird mushrooms, skinless mutated zombies attack them! Lord Rayven returns (without Ryu) and fireballs the area, damaging everyone its radius. The meat puppets fall but each body begins knitting its flesh back together. Zaknyran rips off the head of one, but it still regenerates! Lord Rayven hurls an orb of acid at another, but it still regenerates!
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