The Ruined Fort
Dusk Mirrormoon crept through the tall grass, her dagger between her teeth. She kept her eye on her target: an armed bugbear, defending his post. She crept over the low wall of the ruined fort, filled with several large tents. She took her dagger from between her teeth and continued her advance. She moved quietly between the wall and a tent, careful not to make a sound. Her enemy was on-guard, pacing back and forth where he stood. Suddenly, he moved toward her, head tilted to one side and eyes squinting in the darkness. Dusk ducked low under the eroding wall. She was relentless. She continued to move forward, even with the thought that the bugbear may have heard her. She was close, now. She climbed the eroding wall of the ruined fort to be next to her target. Finally, she leapt from her hiding place in full view of the surprised bugbear. Her dagger at the ready, she thrust her weapon forward...and missed. Damn!

Skorukh waited in anticipation for his comrade to finish her stealthy maneuver. He would have rather just blown the whole place up, maybe set the tents ablaze as the bugbear army ran out screaming in terror, maybe he could glue them to their spots while they burned alive like the field of grass they were standing in...whoa, focus. Bugbears are popping out of the grass like prairie dogs!

Saint Seldaleyra sensed that her friends were in trouble. She moved into the middle of the ruined compound and was never touched by anything. Being a Saint can be boring sometimes, but at least she has a team of heroes to help her in her quest. Well, it was boring until a goliath walked out of a tent with a huuuuuge greataxe!

Malakai (the cave troll) witnessed the bugbear army's death at his hands. He swatted at the barbarians like they were flys on tarpaper. "Smash! Death! Kill! Ooh, what is that shiny axe?" He didn't know what to think when the greataxed warrior stuck the sharp object in his body and let go. The axe kept digging into his flesh! And, it burned!
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