Session #49 "A Dramatic Entrance"
Start of Session:
Day 1- The shore of the Bitter Coast, three miles of the fort Raven Hollow.

End of Session:
Day 1- The ruined forest walkway know as Ruin-leaf Hall.

As the storm picks up the last thing the party remembers as they tip into the waiting mouth of the sea are the screams of their fellow passengers, and then nothing. The next few weeks pass in bleak darkness until suddenly their is light!

The party awaken in a vast white void. Here they stand in a circle facing each other. As they come to terms with this vast abyss that they now inhabit they hear the sound of running water and find that from the sky rain colors, and around them a tower is slowly painted- They stand upon a cobble stone floor. The cold granite walls reach up to the very sky. High above the party the faint light from the abyss leaks in through seven grand stained glass windows. Each one illuminated a figure and stood above a pedestal below.

The party is alarmed at this point that all their weapons and other worldly possessions are missing, they stand in this strange tower dressed only simple linens. After Tarius the cleric of Jublex comes to the relization that once more they stand in a waking dream he begins to play around with the world by changing the pillars. The rest of the party joins in only to soon be cut of by the realization that Rayhngar the parties barbarian's great sword is glowing with a faint blue light, as well as one of the largest pillars. They persuade him to strike the pillar or at least place the weapon upon it. This takes a bit of talking but soon he does, and as the blade touches it the darkness that had crept into the tower is suddenly banished as the cobble stone floor changes color.

The once grey tiles now glow a vivid green and blue. Tarius kneels down to examine the floor when sprawled on the tile he notices that the blue tiles spell out the words... Perpax Deroth.

"Perpax Deroth" he echoes the words and as the last syllable leaves his iron mask a high pitch frequency erupts from the now brightly glowing sword, and just as the noise seems to reach its peak the glass above shatters in a chorus and then the world fades from each of the heroes eyes.

They awaken on the cold sands of the Bitter Coast. Looking for shelter they scout around and soon spot a trail of smoke coming from the nearby woods. Cold, sore, and wet the party scouts there way through a dark forest where they come across a small wooden wall with a guard in front of. As soon as they make themselves know the guard shouts for more men and the everyone in the party is captured without a fight, everyone except the parties ranger Ahzad who later sneaks in under the confusion of the village having visitors.. They are taken into the wildernes camp and brought before the captain of the guard, Morvin Bitterblade, they are taken into his quarters once he notices that the party holds two woman.

While the party talks to the man of how they ended up upon these shores, Ahzad stand outside listening in on their conversation. He is discover by a child and only manages to escape being found by older citizens through a quick and clever bribe.

Soon it is arranged that the party shall follow Jonathon Black, and Jarock Steelbrow the half-dwarven, and a man who does not speak ,know to the locals of this fort as "the nameless one", to the larger settlement of Pax Nator where they will be able to find a cartographer. They are loaned horses for the trip that will take them one night to journey. At this news Ahzad sneaks to the fort's stable and plays with the thought of stealing a horse but eventualy ends up in the loaded wagon as cargo.

The party now with Jon, Jarock, and no-name set out on the night long road to Pax Nator. Ahzad is soon discovered by Sylith the parties Wizard who having undressed and redressed earlier in the trip inside the wagon that Ahzad has been hiding in is angered by the half-elf's silence earlier cast fear and leaves the man to explain his sudden experience to the startled party who had been wondering where he had made off to.

The Wagon and mounted party soon reach a hallway along the path created by two ancient walls covered in vines. Ignoring the Half-dwarf's comments that the place is haunted and badluck they continue on only to be accosted by high elf bandits who use falling bricks to confuse the party and the horses. The battle rages from this point and though Jonathon Black is slain by a crossbow bolt to the neck they come out victories.

After healing the grievously wounded Jarock they round up the horses and ready themselves to set off, but not before Lilium the parties elven thief finds where these bandits had been hiding their loot from others they had accosted. After a quick dividing of treaure they begin the last half of the trip to Pax Nator with Jon's body as cargo this time

Session Quote: "I dropped some of my gold here upon the ground, I was looking for it when your ball found its way to my feet. would you like it?" -Ahzad to the small child who found him snooping around the guard's house.
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