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Once Upon a Time...
Behold, dear readers, the land of Rella. The Rellan Alliance, formed of the kingdoms of humans, elves, dwarves, and halflings, and encompassing too the nomadic gnomes, have struck down the dread Sorcerer Kulfast, and driven his black armies from Osperagath. Yet all is not well in Rella.

Throughout the Rellan Alliance there have been rumors, whispered one to another, of disappearances. Not many, and not often, but disappearances nonetheless. Travelers vanish without a trace, never reaching their destination. Could this be a the signs of growing tension between the nations of the Rellan Alliance? Could it be some black curse of Kulfast that has survived his defeat? It seems most likely that this is the beginning of some new nefarious plot by one of Kulfast's surviving lieutenants, who seek to reclaim their master's empire.

One of these lieutenants, Hartosh of the Red Veil, the spy master of Kulfast himself, has been sighted in the southern part of Rella. No doubt he and his vile minions are pressing south, to escape into the barbarian steppes beyond the reach of civilized men. Who knows what evil a ruthless man like Hartosh could concoct if allowed to escape the arm of justice? Perhaps he is behind the disappearances, but whether he is or not he is a villain and up to no good.

But take heart, gentle reader, for this is not a tale of defeat but of heroism. The heroes of Rella, adventurers all, have taken up the call to hunt down the vile Hartosh. And so our story begins, in the south of the human kingdom of Masrell...
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