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Redemption Seekers
Episode 2.2
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Part 1:
"Double Dragon"
Spotlight: Lord Norfire, Narrows

The Wardens track down Curuvar's would-be-assassin and Narrows reveals his intentions. While they venture deeper into the enemy's secret lair, the adventurers face off against bugs, dragonborn and their kobold minions, and much worse.


~Loot and XP~

Part 2:
"Guardians Eternal"
Spotlight: Kinn

Far beneath Loudwater the Wardens meet the ghost of an insane headless Loagrann mage; one who may be the key to getting past the spellwards around Loagrann College. Inside the College awaits a key piece of Victor's past, and its recovery depends on the smallest Warden of all.
Session: Episode 2.2 Part 1: "Double Dragon" - Wednesday, Aug 03 2011 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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