Heroes End
When I say in we went there were varyin’ degrees of in as I may have alluded to b’fore as Fearghus and the three Regulars what were too big t’fit in the openin’ stayed outside whilst I stood at the last bend of the tunnel and commenced to playin’ and singin’ where I could be heard by all inside and out t’keep morale up where it needed t’be fer the undertakin’ at hand. The dread drapery was pushed hard aside so’s I had a bit of a peek as to what was happenin’ in the cave but nae a circle-side so t’speak. What I could see was that Arcelli raced in and commenced t’killin’ anythin’ yeller what moved and the commandant disappeared right quick in the thick of thin’s further down the bowl of the cave but I could hear him shoutin’ encouragement and orders over even my own noise I was makin’. Raylen, was layin’ waste with that heavy crossbow of his – and as an aside here I would mention that nae even Fearghus can reload as fast as that little Salp priest can, it’s pretty impressive truth be told – and aidin’ what Regulars went down within his reach and I’ve got t’give the feller credit, he shagged in there with nary a stick of armor on and dinnae retreat a step.

The funny thin’ about battle is that time loses all logic, reason and meanin’ almost as soon as sword clears scabbard makin’ some moments seem t’take a week t’finish whilst the next may go by so quick that a blink or a heartbeat would be likened to a year in comparison so’s that even with me nae bein’ directly in the battle, and in addition keepin’ time with a song, what seemed like quite a while fer a fight t’be goin’ on – but by my place in the song couldn’t’ve been quite a minute – a general shout goes up in the cave which I couldn’t understand fer all of the clangin’ and groanin’ and my own noise but which I learned when Raylen stuck his head through the openin’ was that there was some gobbos what had made a run fer it out the back of the cave. I kept the song goin’ with the harp and backed up a few paces to the next bend t’shout out to Fearghus t’keep his eyes open and head up as there was runners headed out the back at which point I sees his boots disappear from the openin’ of the tunnel. ‘Twas good enough fer I so I went back t’my previous spot and a bit further on t’see what I could see.

The better part of the gobbos was down and unfortunately so was half of the Regulars but Raylen was ‘bout done tendin’ t’wounded and as there was no fightin’ t’inspire I slung the harp across my back and ran in t’see what healin’ help I could lend but in my scan of standin’ and sprawlin’ lads I didn’t see Arcelli or one of the sergeants so I made the quick surmise that they’d hied out after the runners. I’d my kit on my belt and patched one feller up when we heard a commotion outside which snapped the head up of every bloke still on his feet and they bolted out of the cave fast as fast can and I was set t’follow but an itch between my shoulders stopped me dead in my tracks at the entrance; somethin’ didn’t feel right about leavin’ helpless fellers amongst a score of gobbos what might nae be quite dead. It’s long been the traditional and bloody work of Aral women t’follow the battles of their menfolk and make sure the enemy is good and rightly sent t’whate’er afterlife awaits their wicked spirits so’s I drew down and throated every last one of the gobs whether it looked full dead or not. At least one was possumin’ as he wriggled and gasped, or rather tried to around the blade in his throat, when I finished him so’s I’m guessin’ that the itch was my forebears subtle way of remindin’ me of my duties fer which I am right thankful.

I stayed and did a quick scan of the Regulars again t’make certain that they was all on the right side of the darkest veil which was fortunate enough t’be the truth. Since they was all little blokes it weren’t nothin’ too difficult to move ‘em a bit t’make ‘em more comfortable though at one point I thought I was gonna be buried with ‘em alive as the roof of the cave shook down some dirt on our heads but naught came of it and I could spy no cracks in the stone worth sweatin’ over. I spied the openin’ in the far back of the cave and kept an eye on it and the one I’d come in with blade bare incase some skulkin’ yeller blighter tried t’sneak in and finish the Regulars off. Sooner than nae one of the Regulars what was still on his feet pokes in from the main openin’ and says that everythin’s taken care of up top and it’s startin’ t’rain and they need all hands t’get the horses and mules in the back tunnel, what was considerable larger than the front one, and shunt stuff around inside so’s we could stretch out the dead. I’m nae too proud t’say that I cussed like a river captain when I heard the last part of what he said ‘cause it was never my intention t’get any one killed but Regulars sign up fer the duty knowin’ that it’s a possibility so I didn’t waste much energy on guilt or second thoughts.

I commenced t’tossin’ and pilin’ gobbo bodies on one side of the cave by the main openin’ so’s after we’d cleaned their ears we could haul ‘em outside and so’s there’d be room enough fer livin’ and dead humans that were pilin’ in from the back. I was full sad t’see that one of the blokes carried in on his shield was Captain Trocero fer he was a good man and the army could use more like him leadin’ from the front and sharin’ his men’s lot that the typical type of officer they’ve got and that’s all I have t’say on that subject at the moment. There couldn’t’ve been more stink and activity in that hole if we’d have used a crowbar and I set t’the disgustin’ task of checkin’ gob pockets and gatherin’ Namen’s component so’s we could get the gobbo dead out of doors t’feed the critters sooner rather than later and by the time it was all accomplished we’d about an ounce of the nasty stuff in the jar which I sealed with candle wax so’s the stink of it couldn’t get out. Quick maths told me we’d need about three-hundred more gobbos at this rate but I dinnae spend much time thinkin’ on it as there was other thin’s t’be done as the stench inside that cave, fer gobbos is one of the dirtiest thin’s what goes on two legs, was gettin’ t’the point that it were about t’make me crosser than a wet hen just t’breathe the air full of smoke and unwashed bodies and shite and blood as it was.
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