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The Search for Song
Session Wrap-Up
XP this session: 2000.
Completed Quests: None.
New Quests: The Haunted Mine
Loots: Two black unicorn hides; two ruby unicorn horns worth 2500-3000gp on the black market; two complete unicorn manes and tails; two nightmare hides and eight nightmare hooves. One Lantern of Revealing. Assorted dried, smoked, salted, and otherwise preserved fish. 5,000 GP worth of raw mithril.


Several conversations took place on and after the boat ride over from Predex to Shar, giving some members of this party a great deal to consider about the way they have viewed things. I hope you will continue to consider it carefully.

After several days of rest and recuperation in Shar, the party sold their boat for a load of discount mithril and began to head eastward once more. Daithuen, according to Olivan, has gone for a few days to "some kind of retreat in the woods". It is to be presumed that he'll catch up later.
They had planned to catch a mule cart to Corm, where a large number of the people of Shar work as miners, but the evening mule cart in was significantly delayed. How it is supposed to work is that at 7 AM a cart departs Shar and a return cart departs Corm, arriving around 4 PM. By 9 PM there was still no sign of the cart, and it was decided that it must have broken down.

There was some discussion among the party, who determined that they would go and find out what happened in exchange for provisions. What they discovered along the way was that the men had barely escaped the mine with their lives after all the lights went out and things started moving in the darkness. Six miners are missing still, presumed dead, and the mithril mine has been shut down.

Three members of the Phoenix Dawn in Corm: Dale, Lily, and Sharon, had volunteered themselves to go see about the missing miners. A fourth, Brent, stayed behind and has otherwise Not Appeared In This Film. They were glad for some experienced help from the party and agreed to wait a few hours to give them a chance to rest.
Thus rested and equipped, the party descended 300 feet in a wooden cage with a steel bottom to the depths of the mine. Following directions from the Phoenix Dawn, the party bypassed an old side room heading for the main dig site.

They found in the first of a series of empty dig chambers a most unusual encounter: two nightmares working in tandem with a pair of black-and-ruby unicorns. They were dispatched, but not without some losses on the part of the Phoenix Dawn: Dale and Sharon were killed beyond hope of healing, and were buried within the stone of the caverns.
After stripping the equines of their useful parts: nightmare hooves and hides; unicorn horns, hides, manes, and tails; the group reconvened and set out again to uncover more secrets of the mines.

It was noted by a few of the more perceptive members of the party that Lily removed something from around the necks of the other two before they were buried; she appeared to be trying to be stealthy about it.
Session: The Haunted Mine - Saturday, Sep 10 2011 from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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