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Posted by the GM
The Night Below
First session a success, now for a second!
I hope everyone enjoyed that first session, I know I did. I'm looking forward to this next weekend, where we will start off with the battle with the marauding orcs! Speaking of the weekend, I need to know what day is good for everyone. It has been brought to my attention that Saturdays will result in most people having to miss a session once in awhile. However, James will not be able to play on Sundays, and he has expressed some interest. If it is the will of everyone else, we will continue to play on Sundays. Please e-mail, IM, or comment on this post your thoughts.

For now, the game will be held on SUNDAY, SEP 28 @ 1 PM
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I would prefer Saturday, but just about any day works for me. I'll just have to miss every other weekend, unless we start a little later on Sunday (~4PM)
Well, we would still start early, but it would be fine if you showed up later on Sunday. Does that mean you will miss every other Saturday also? Or only if its on Sunday?