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Where are we, anyway?
What a day. It is clear at this point that I've somehow managed to bungle my transcription of Minor Sphere of Perturbation - every time I memorize the thing time starts flowing weirdly and I lose the ability to focus on anything. I managed to stick with the party by riding atop the pack horse. I don't think the horse likes me - typical ground-pounder. Returned to reality briefly when other tall folk were attacking us over a box we were paid to transport. Note: I need a proper attack spell. Scrolls would be great. Maybe I could just transfer this headache to them. Also, I forgot to open the blasted box after we delivered it! Maybe it was full of bees.

Anyway, I'm a little fuzzy on what happened after that. We hit a filthy bar somewhere just as a fight started - the snit behind the counter never did get my ale. I ended up in a private room somehow, but forgot to set the stupid spell off before sleeping. So I was stuck with it the next day too. Master might've deliberately misled me on pattern segmentation and knitting; he was always trying to make me stew over that kind of rubbish. Maybe I'll bring him a Cursed gift or Grel mask at the next Fairy Meet. I wonder if he has allergies?

Also, orcs in the forest. Why in this forest? Can't they go be orcs somewhere else?
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