Chapter 27: Rudderless - 20 Sypheros, 999
Boril is dead. Anders is dead. Pock is missing, likely dead. Cronos & Xylox are wanted for the assault and kidnapping of Melody, who has been outed as having an aberrant mark.

Without their leader, their anchor, the party drifts aimlessly, seeking out any possible solution to bringing Boril back. The host wouldn't assist without manipulation from a powerful source. House Tarkanan offered to handle the task, but only if the party agreed to assassinate Lord Bren ir'Gadden. Melody agreed, but the rest of the party declined.

Crudak, the half-orc inquisitor, sought to apprehend the party for their bounty, but quickly fell into their aid when he learned of Boril's death. He says it's purely for the money. He was able to secure aid from the Citadel, but only if Cronos, Xylox, and Melody turned themselves in. After disagreements and subtle berayals, they agreed. Unfortunately, Tarkanan would have none of that.

Because Melody left the remains of Boril with house Tarkanan, they chose to use that as leverage to ensure Melody finished her task. Reluctantly, the eladrin made the journey to Skyway to complete her mission. Unbeknownst to her, Crudak had informed Captain Kalaes of the impending hit on Lord ir'Gadden's life, making it impossible for Melody to finish the job.

After three days, the party found themselves no closer to their goals. Trust was broken, and new wounds festered above old ones; they were rudderless...
Session: Chapter 27 - Rudderless - Sunday, Oct 02 2011 from 7:30 PM to 12:30 AM
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