21 Sypheros 999

The objective, to recapture the forge, currently has a poor chance of success. All options at returning the dwarf mercenary, and enlisting the aid of mercenaries in recapturing the forge have been exhausted. The two remaining members, Melody and Cronos, sought out resurrection at the aid of the Sovereign Host. En route, we were met by a local private investigator. A half-orc thug, who wields a bola, likely to capture his intended target. Words were exchanged, with the threat of violent force. The situation was resolved, the investigator informed of our situation, he escorted us through the city to our destination.

At the religious establishment, it's member hobgoblins were quick to dispel any ideas of their ability to resurrect Boril. Matters were not improved by the damage done to their door, by the head and horns of Cronos. Some coins of monetary value were left by Melody, but the hobgoblins did not find this a fair trade.

The next attempt was to utilize the local contacts of Melody. This turned out poorly, as she seems to be part of a vicious crime organization. A deal to assassinate an-ex officer of the Brelish army, in return for the resurrection was not an option at the moment. Melody and Crudak remained to speak with Melody's contact. Crudak then attempted to use his local contacts to his advantage. In the end, if both Cronos and Melody turned themselves in voluntarily for a statement, they would not be charged.

The authorities also pledged their support to help with the resurrection. This alternative plan was halted due to the loss of the remainder of Boril himself, a requirement to the ritual. Melody had chosen to leave it with her contact, who now was bargaining it for the deal to assassinate the-ex Brelish officer. Melody was prepared to attempt the ploy, in order to free the piece of Boril from the criminal organization. This attempt was uncovered by local authorities, after Crudak provided poor misinformation.


This group of misfits has failed at resurrecting their leader, Boril. This was a requisite in order to recapture the forge itself. Speaking frankly, after failure in ambushing the goblins that inhabit the forge, it has become apparent that this group would not be capable in accomplishing the objective. In order to do so, outside assistance will be required. This also brings into question the fate of the forge. It's fate should lie in the hands of those that would use it as intended. It seems that there is only once choice that I have. The aid of House Cannith must be sought.

Personal Log

The objective remains. The forge cannot be lost. It is home, to me at least. I may reside elsewhere, but my rebirth was there. Thus I am bound to it, like a son to a mother. The 'family' I once had is long lost. My new found companions are indeed alike my old family. Scarred by the war and the experiences that go with it. I have decided to seek out House Cannith. They were the makers of my kind, and I have no doubt that they would show interest in this.

...Later on...

You there. Tell me where the guilds reside in this city.

A startled local looked up.Your assistance is appreciated. Regrettably I have no coin of monetary value.

Arriving in the Dragon Towers district, the location of the House Cannith establishment became apparent. Two large warforged stood out front, posted as guards. Walking up, Xulox exchanged glances to both. One stepped forward, opening the door for Xulox, glancing inside to another guard. Attached to this warforged was a circlet of command, an honorable distinction from the war. Entering the establishment, the appearance threw Xulox off. Not expecting a business establishment, but rather a workshop, he took his time observing the interior.

I was known as Sl... I am Xulo X. I have some information that would serve House Cannith. Can you provide a meeting with a high ranking representative?

As the employee turned to stand up, two warforged exited a door in the main foyer. One bore the same distinction as the guard outside. Peering into Xulox, communication was established via telepathy.

Come with us.

I believe I have located the assistance I need, thank you.

Walking in with the warforged, Xulox pondered his new objectives. They were not passed down, nor a duty taken. Cronos and Melody had inspired Xulox. One to set a goal, and the other to make the decision, for himself. He sought two items.

First, to find Boril's body and resurrect him. Second, to get the forge operational. To produce more forgedkind with a free will to choose their own destiny in this new world.
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