A High Ranking Representative
I'll admit, I would normally leave a meeting with some unknown warforged to one of my associates. This one, however, intrigues me. A psi-forged coming out of a lost creation forge near Cyre? This is much too good to leave to a lesser.

"Greetings, Xulo X, is it? I am Merrix d'Cannith, the head of House Cannith here in Sharn. I hear you have information on a supposedly lost creation forge. If that is true, you have come to the right place. Cannith has suffered greatly in the wake of the Last War. Sanctions keep us from helping to maintain and improve forgekind, and the schism between the house, though minor, has not helped us heal."

The patron of house Cannith is a thin, unassuming man. He spends much of the ensuing meeting asking all manner of questions, most pertaining to Xulox's creation, his functions, and to the various workings of the lost forge.

When all is done, he has agreed to fund a return expedition to the forge, provided it is secured for house Cannith. All artifacts and mechanisms will be the property of house Cannith when complete, save for anything the so-called Kech Sharaat have brought with them.

Merrix d'Cannith also provides Xulox with some of his personal warforged guards to accompany the party on the expedition. Payment will be $1,500 per person (offering to Xulox, Melody, Crudak, and Cronos).
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I expect to recover the body of Boril and to locate the missing gnome. The gnome, Pock, is quite adept with the mechanics of constructs like myself. He may have once worked for you. Do not overlook his life. Otherwise, I find this to be agreeable. I don't doubt that the expedition will be required to remain silent on the mission, but I hope this will be a catalyst in a growing relationship. If we are able to return the dwarf, consider his business a worthy enterprise for future arrangements.