Personal Cortex Log, Yang-chen Davis, first entry
Spending two days with five other people in a shuttle rated for three isn't pleasant. Fortunately I had the presence of mind to grab some tranquilizers before we left the ship, which helped to keep everyone's metabolic level low. Even so, we were breathing a lot more CO2 than O2 by the time we managed to set down - on the last wisps of fuel - on this terraformer, here on Vishnu. They mistook us for a supply ship at first, so there may be a way for us to get off this rock soon. Hopefully we can get to a Rim planet and start a fresh life.

More later, I just heard that the supply ship is coming in. I'm going to go see if I can arrange passage.

Addendum: Okay, the 'supplies' are mostly people. This is the 'new life' they'd been told they were going to get, press-ganged into working on a terraformer. Nice place they're running here. Lara showed up at the med-bay - the Companion I mentioned earlier - with some shwie purple-pants named Jack Harkness, a former Alliance Captain (Marines, I assume). James doesn't seem to trust him much, not that it's easy to tell with James. They informed us that it's worse than I thought, these people are outright slaves, locked in cells at night and forced to work at gunpoint. So forget asking to be taken off this rock by the crew of the supply ship - we're going to take the ship and get these people out of here.

Looking around, I notice Dave is missing. At first, I ask around the crew of the 'former, trying to find him, but nobody seems to know where he's gone. So I try to put myself in his mindset and realize he'll be looking for a terminal, as he seems obsessed with 'helping data be free'. Hmm. These levels are too public, and the terminals all seem to be locked down pretty tightly. Admin areas are going to be monitored, so Dave would head for the engineering areas - which are the lowest levels.

I find him in the bowels of the 'former, rewiring a terminal. He tells me that 'Bob' has showed him some things that are very bad, very wrong. Fully one-quarter of the station's atmosphere processors are offline - actually, they aren't even showing on the grid - and there's some odd contaminants. I'm trying to get a breakdown on those when there's this... growling. It doesn't sound quite animal, but it's fierce. Dave seems to ignore it, I'm trying to get him out of there to somewhere safer when he pushes me towards the lift and runs off the other way. He rounds a corner, there's a blood-curdling scream that cuts off abruptly - and I light out of there as fast as I can.

Back at the med-bay, I explain what happened to the others. As we're starting to work on a plan to get the slaves out on the ship, some of the ship's crew shows up. It seems they recognize someone - probably Lara or Jack - and they go for their guns. Joo fuen chse! I dodge to the side and lay one low with a Dragon Star Strike, although he was probably in a bit of shock from being shot as well. Both Jack and James seem quite at home in a gunfight; I may need to learn something from them if this is indicative of the future...

After that, things get even more tense. Alarms go off, and I think we're even deeper in f'n zse, but apparently it's a reactor problem. Really? We split up - James and I go to try and secure the ship, Lara, Jack, and Emmett head to free the prisoners. Down in the bay, there's pandemonium - some kind of atmospheric leak is flooding the bay, the doors are sealed, no way on the ship. Funny thing is, the gases are coming from the ventilation system. We can't get in there through the crew airlock, either. Sure wish Sparks was around, he could probably talk his way around that lockout. Or at least cross-wire it.

We cruise down to the bay we landed in, do a hasty refuel of the shuttle, and fly out to see if we can get access that way. I keep forgetting how big this thing is, though; the whole ship's in the bay. So James holds it steady while I jump over and work the manual release - another experience I don't want to repeat - and we land on top of the ship in the bay. After a near fall from the catwalk, we turn to go in the ship - and find out it's been invaded by something. Blood all over, handprints smeared on the walls - not a good sign. James says something about Reavers... great. I'm starting to wonder why I specialized in Pharmacology, when all biochemistry seems to do is complicate my life. We decide to leave, and just as we're getting out of the lift inside the 'former, that's when the gassed people start getting up, acting like lunatics. They jump the prisoner with the wounded leg who was helping us and start tearing him apart with their teeth and nails. James puts a bullet in his head and starts picking off the maniacs coming for us. I spot Lara and Jack, who have exited a lift across from us, and signal them to go back up!

And then I hear Dave's voice coming from the comm-system, telling 'Smiley' (James, I guess, though I've never seen him smile) to come meet him. I thought he was dead, guess not. Anyway, we run, locking bulkheads behind us as we can, and follow the voiced directions. We find Sparks, again deep in the station, talking with 'Ted' (another terminal). He says we have to go to the dark area of the station. So we do, and after James dispatches a Reaver with a rifle (what?) the nurse from the med-bay attacks us. After James splatters her all over the wall (but not before she gashes Dave up pretty badly), we have a convo with the doctor, who, it seems, is the one behind this whole mess. And apparently the cargo ship has now been gassed, so the people we were trying to save are on their way to becoming Reavers. Lovely.

Hopefully there's another way off this place. Maybe the doc has a small ship stashed elsewhere on the station; I just hope we can find it quickly.
Session: "Terrorform" - Sunday, Oct 09 2011 from 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM
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