Personal cortex journal: Cpt. Jack Harkness-Sitrep 1
First entry
Day 8, 1600hrs

No doubt, it seems strange that I still use my rank after seperation from the service. What can I say? old habits......
My service trousers and boots attract some attention out here on the rim, mostly from old brown coats who think beating me, verbally or physically, will somehow change the outcome of the war. War's done, folks. Let's move on.

Signed on with a cargo freighter transporting relief supplies to a terraformer on Vishnu. Now 2 days from station. We picked up an escape pod with a young Alliance officer and a woman who could melt snow in a blizzard. I drew the job of escorting the young lady to quarters while the kid headed for the comm center. Girl sort of reminds me of Angie around the mouth and eyes. I'll check in on her later to make sure she's comfortable.

Went back to check on Lara, the young woman we rescued, and found her quarters empty, so I went looking for her. I have an early shift tomorrow, so I had to stop looking. After all, what trouble can she get into on a cargo ship?

day 10
Haven't seen Lara since the other day, begining to get a bit concerned. We're coming up on Vishnu, so I'm going to look for her one more time before we get there.

Go Neong Yung Duh!!
I found Lara. She's been locked in the Cargo hold with the "Supplies" we're transporting. Turns out that we're transporting Ta Ma Duh Slaves! Lara also told me that one of the other crew told her that they had killed the kid we found with her. I think she may have fancied him a bit. Now, I just need to get out of here and get to the bottom of this. Unfortunatly, they locked down the cargo hold in preparation to land on vishnu. Mi Tian Gohn!

They led us out of the hold, not realizing that I wasn't a new "worker" and took us up to the "Worker's quarters". They were just 10' X 10' cells. I decided I needed to get out of there. I told one of the guards that I was a member of the crew, showed him my side arm, and he let me go. Lara took a cue from me and convinced them she was just a hired companion that was "keeping me company" and we got locked in. I went along with it and we both got out of there. She also managed to convince the quards we didn't need an escort back to the ship. she took me to the med bay saying something about recognizing someone in the loading bay and that he'd probably be there. Once we got there, she recognized some other people, but didn't seem to happy to see them. She asked me to wake one of them up. I did as she asked. The guy looked at my pants and boots and spouted off more of the same Mi Tian Gohn I've gotten from several ex-browncoats. just another Wu Ming Shau Jwu upset at the way things turned out. Unfortunatly, I kinda agree with him...
Lara stumbled over her words a bit, trying to tell this guy about the slaves when another man walked in that she recognized. She threw herself at him, gave him a big hug, and was able to tell the whole story a lot better. Just after that, some of the transport crew walked in, saw me and Lara, and went for their guns. Lara went for cover and the rest of us took them down. Two of the Huen Dahn actually hit me, but thanks to my ballistic mesh jacket, it just bruised me a bit. After the firefight, we heard alarms. We figured they were on to us, but no one showed up. Turns out there was a reacter problem. The other man who showed up tured out to be a doctor and told us that "something" had killed Dave. I don't know who Dave is, but it seemed to bother the rest of them. We decided to take the transport and get the "workers" out of here. Lara and I went with a man named Emmet and a woman who seemed pretty attached to him to get the workers out while Yang-Chen, the doc, and James, the browncoat, went to try to get control of the transport.

It took us some time, but we got everyone out of the cages. We did notice some strange gas leaking into the cargo bay and the system was alerting us to an atmospheric leak. Strange, though. The gas was coming from the ventilation system. Lara and I went down to make sure the gas was gone before telling the others to come down. We got down there, saw it was clear went back up to tell everyone it was clear, and headed back down. We got off the lift and sent it back up. That was probably the wrong thing to do. But we did get to have front row seats to the birth of a new batch of reavers.
The last 48 hours have been a real Tian Fuhn Di Fu.
Session: "Midwife Crisis" - Sunday, Sep 25 2011 from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM
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