Personal Cortex Log, Yang-chen Davis, second entry
Hangovers are terrible things to suffer through at the best of times. This isn't exactly one of those, making this one that much worse. Of course, the fact that I've been dry (not by choice) the last ten days or so may have something to do with it, as well. Unfortunately I don't have any more whiskey, so a repeat experiment will have to wait.

Where did I leave off last time? Oh yes, trapped on the terraformer with a new crop of Reavers. Well, we tried to make the cargo ship on time, but some of Dr. Ravenik's progeny were waiting for us with machine guns. Although I'd never really fired a pistol before, I tried to help take them out. Jack and James performed credibly, although Jack should have taken cover; good thing he wears that armor. Emmett showed up just as things were starting to look bad and tipped the balance, though. At which point we somehow managed to split up again. Dave and James went back down to the engineering decks to get computer access while the rest of us headed to the sickbay.

Jack and I helped to treat various injured members of the crew while we waited for word from Dave. Lara and Emmett went to check out the doctor's office but there wasn't anything useful there. While keeping an eye on the environmental monitor, I saw the doors lock and the atmospheric vents open all over the station. I called Dave on the intercom to find out what was going on, and the feh feh pi goh told me he was venting the station to kill the Reavers - never mind the several thousand non-Reaver crew. The reason he gave me was 'They're not us.' I managed to talk him out of this plan, thankfully.

On the upside, he did find another ship for us to take, and sealed a route for us to use which wasn't horribly infested with Reavers. We have to take the good with the bad I guess. After perhaps the worst, most horrible climb I've ever made in my life - complete with Reavers breaking into the shaft nearby and Dave dropping an optical bomb on them - we managed to get to the level where the bay containing the ship was. That's when things started to go sour for us, just when we were starting to pull together.

Seems we weren't the only ones who had found out about the ship. The foreman and some of his goons were there trying to break in, as Dave had apparently sealed the access. After a confusing time of trying to talk to them over everyone else - James refusing to let the foreman on the ship and Dave trying to talk the guards into shooting him - I managed to get through the fact that we were all pretty much humped if they didn't just bi jweh so we could get out of there. So we got on the ship.

James headed for the bridge with Emmett, Jack and Dave went to the engine room, and Lara and I started taking stock of the rest of the ship. James fired up the reaction engines and took us out of the bay, flew about 10 klicks, and landed us so Dave could work on the engine or something. While I was treating his minor wounds, the ship's shuttle took off. Dave somehow got it into his head that this was Dr. Ravenik taking off to gas us with hidden Reaver-bombs and jammed the comms, and refused to unjam them until he'd searched the ship. No bombs. Lara, Jack and I wanted to warn the incoming Alliance cruiser about the incoming ship loaded with Reavers and Reaver-gas, so he disabled the radio. Juh shi suh mo go dohng shee?

Apparently we're now living in the Republic of Dave - no, make that the Dictatorship of Dave. I lost it, started yelling about how humped we were now that there was going to be an Alliance cruiser full of Reavers out roaming the space-lanes. Then I went and found my old friend ethanol and we had a party. I vaguely recall being asked to talk to someone on the comm about the Reavers and trying to do so, but I probably wasn't too coherent at that point.

So I woke up this morning feeling like ri shao gou shi bing, but I still managed to cook a decent meal. (Ah, the wonders of food and water - lots of water - for someone with a hangover.) Apparently the smell attracted everyone else. James basically said someone needs to be Captain - not him - and left. Emmett put himself forward as a candidate, Lara nominated Jack, Dave got sulky, and nothing got resolved. Ai yah wo mun wan leh...

We're headed for Beaumonde, should be there in four days or so. I'm really strongly tempted to see if I can find someone who knows one of my 'friends' at the docks and arrange for transport to some quiet little Rim moon that needs a doctor. Maybe I'll see if Jack and Lara want to go along, although I doubt it. But there's still this nagging feeling I have that if we don't try to stop Ravenik we're all going to look back on our horrific experiences on the terrorformer as 'the good times'.
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unless things take a turn for the better fast, I'am with you all the way Doc.