The Kobold Lair
The party set out to locate and destroy the kobold lair with the help of a local priest of Kord, Moronicus, as Ember and Rab took advantage of Valthrun's offer of hospitality and they searched his library for clues.
The rest of the party made it to the kobold hideout and made short work of the enemy forcing the few survivors to flee inside their lair, cunningly hidden behind the waterfall.
Moronicus then left to report back to Winterhaven and Rab and Ember arrived in time for the lair assault.
The party worked well together to quickly put an end to the kobold threat.
The kobold leader, a vicious goblin called Irontooth, was obviously a worshipper of Orcus and further evidence in the lair points to an active cult of Orcus working in the area.
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