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Arri becomes a banana hammer
So we're trudging our way through the iceberg, still looking for the magic acorn of doom, when we see a big suggestive looking crack in the ice. I've gotta go take a look of course, and run over, tee heeing all the while. Well unfortunately there's big freaky bugs in there, which you'd think would be surprising, but I think I'm just starting to expect dangerous monsters where ever we go. You know, one of these times a little bunny is going to hop out and before we even realize it we'll have evaporated the poor little thing.

So anyways, I try and listen to Ashe and Arri's advice and not rush off into combat ahead of all the defenders and position myself strategically behind an ice pillar to await the arrival of my friends. Oh did I mention these bug things are super fast, can climb up ice no problem, and when they look at you, you become so confused that you run and jump in their crack? (hee hee) Yeah well they do all that.

So we each pick a monster to fight and are doing a fine job with occupying each of them and slowly whittling them down. Then all of a sudden me and Marc keep being forced to jump in their crack (hee hee) and even best buddy Ashe was overcome by their confusing gaze! The monsters decided to be total jerks and team up on Arri, which is totally unfair! I mean we were taking them on one by one, all fair and honorable like, and they just focus fire on poor little Arri! I know what you're thinking diary, he's a traitor and he pretty much got what he deserved, but no, that's not it at all. Aldanna's been talking to me alot about my hasty judgments, and I truly did forgive the little guy.

As I kept getting thrown into the crack (hee hee) I thought to myself, "it's okay, Kriv's there... Arri won't go down".

Then I finaly get myself out of the crack (giggity) and we start taking down the monsters, when I see Arri not only get knocked to the ground, but then one of the monsters picks him up, tears him limb from limb and then eats him right up! Kriv finally shook off the confusion, but then it was too late! "It's okay" Kriv said, "I can raise the body". But when it was all over, and the monsters were all dead, Arri was half eaten and mostly in pieces. I mean, even if Kriv can raise him, he's only going to be half the dwarf he used to be!

Oh, sorry diary... too soon... too soon....

So then an amazing thing happened! One of the lactating Valkyries showed up, but said she wasn't there to take his soul (which would make raising kind of difficult) but she could protect his soul while we looked for a cure to his deadness. Sounded like a good plan, so she put Arri's soul in his hammer. While Ashe and Kriv looted Arri's corpse, I held the hammer aloft and told Arri-ghost that it was okay, I could still hear him and talk to him to bring him comfort in his deadness. Arri-ghost said something very despondent about this, but I told him I would cheer him up by telling him stories. I thought I could hear the poor little guy crying in there a bit, so I figured he needed ALOT of stories to cheer him up.

Lactatia the Valkyrie seemed like a trustworthy individual so she joined our adventuring party.
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