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Bob Segar must die!
So it turns out that Queen excema wants us to get King Catchphrase to ally with her against Bob Segar, who is the ultimate evil in the Feywild. Turns out the Firbolgs weren't such bad guys after all and were just messing with us with that whole trying to kill us thing... oh you guys!

So in a long history of people being traitorous bastards, Cobweb announce he had captured us for his queen. I mean really Cobweb? seriously? Where are you going to put us, in your little prison for ants? I mean how can we be prisoners if we can't even fit in the door?

zoolander? nobody... really?

So we're off to King Catchphrase's domain, all the while trying to make Cobweb see the many errors of his little ways in trying to capture us. We also have to apparently send him to tolerance camp for a while, as Kriv at one point screamed out in frustration "stop being racist you little winged nazi!"

So with that unpleasantness out of the way, we find out that we need to pitfight in order to earn King Catchphrase's respect. This is just the kind of thing we're good at, so we take his challenge! Corrin bravely stepped forward, intent on challenging the biggest and toughest of them to single combat! Way to go guy who slaughtered that barful of locals to save me but we're never going to talk about it because it's not something that he wants to brag about especially in front of the council guy!

To make a long story short we won.
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