Walk on the Wild Side
After my chat with Namen we come t’the conclusion that it was too late t’do anythin’ that night so’s we’d start early the next mornin’ which is precisely what we did. Here’s a helpful bit of advice; be mindful of askin’ favors of mages as what you ask and what they provide might nae be what ye had in mind at all regardless of how well it works and that’s all I’ve t’say on that matter. Disguise in place I went out and made my inquiries as t’a guide t’get us ont’the plateau with nae so much risk as just wanderin’ up there all blind and backward as none of us had much in the way of knowledge of what we might be blunderin’ int’ – there’s no shame in admittin’ ye know just enough t’know ye nae know enough. On ‘bout mid-mornin’ I bumped int’Raylen and Fearghus as they was out and about checkin’ on cousin’s armor and we had a bit of a chat but as the feller I was meetin’ wasn’t expectin’ but the one of me I took my leave with promises t’look the fellers up later when I was done.

The bloke with whom I’d arranged my meet, courtesy of our contrite innkeep, was a druid by the name of Raul who’d hiked in t’Sperso t’lay t’rest a li’l Salp feller who’d lived with the Dran t’study their customs, as Salp scholarly types are wont t’do it seems, but had asked t’be laid in his final rest on home soil and that his writin’ on Dran culture make it back t’Salp such that the knowledge might be passed along. He’d evidentially earned enough of the Dran’s respect in his years with ‘em that they’d pressed Raul int’service t’facilitate these last wishes and the druid was castin’ about fer someone t’take the books deeper int’Salpia as Sperso is nae one of the greater learnin’ centers or repositories of knowledge in the known lands which would only come as a surprise t’ye if ye nae knew water was wet. I agreed that in exchange fer actin’ as guide t’the four of us I’d take said tome t’the Academé library – which I could nae do if’n I and my comrades ended up on the wrong side of a dirt blanket. Raul seemed none too keen on traipsin’ about with us lot in tow but when I put it t’him that in lieu of my haulin’ the book I could give him a recommendation t’get him past the Academé gate and he could take it int’the heart of civilization himself he warmed t’the notion of actin’ as guide. I set a meet and greet fer the followin’ afternoon as none of us is early risers given our druthers and larked off t’find the fellers and get a drink after takin’ care of one last wee bit of business – I was none too comfortable swingin’ in the wind by my lonesome even with a fair convincin’ disguise.

True t’their word the fellers were knockin’ the dust down with whate’er spirits was at hand at the inn and had Arcelli and Namen besides so’s we were able t’make a fivesome out of our evening’s fishin’ expedition – see, whilst I was jawin’ with Raul they’d remembered them about the jake that’d set the orcs on us and decided t’fish him out after some other manner of unpleasantry had occurred betwixt them and the locals. How the two incidents was connected I was nae clear on at the time but as Da says “The geese’ll tell it in autumn” so I nae worried overmuch about it.

As bein’ kenspeckled is second nature t’Arals in general and arcanists double-so so’s bein’ seen was nae any worry as we trooped out and plunkered us down in one of the less seemly taverns closer t’the river. Soon enough the fellers found who they thought they might be lookin’ fer and after some surreptitious and gods-aided reconnoiterin’ we wandered out actin’ much drunker than we were t’meet the mischief the ne’er-do-wells had planned fer us in the form of an ambush what turned out much the worse for them than they’d had any right t’suspect it would. Namen, bein’ a likeable enough bloke when he takes a mind t’be and twice over persuasive when he’s wagglin’ his fingers, convinced the sole survivor – and by survivin’ I mean nae bein’ present at the melee – t’spill whate’er was churnin’ his guts.

Seems that by our simple presence we’d managed t’inadvertantly thwart some fashion of criminal kingpin of Sperso’s grand schemes; first by slaughterin’ his orcs, second by Fearghus near killin’ the jake what gropped me, third by Namen makin’ off with a good measure of gold in a brawl I’d missed whilst I was in my hermitage, and last by havin’ some sort of new ‘entertainment’ that was gonna steal business away from this kingpin’s brothel – by which he meant me of all thin’s – and so’s his boss was gonna do away with my fellers and add me t’his stable… which is s’far past deluded that it put my hackles up past just bein’ insulted. There was also mention that one of the Regulars was in league with the whoremonger so’s we had that t’think about. Fearghus gave the turncoat a good excuse t’nae get shivved by his more regular employer by breakin’ his hand after Namen set a meet-up fer the midday next.

Full-on half of the riff-raff of Sperso turned out the next day in the thoroughfare t’assist Alvardo, as that was the whoremonger’s name if I nae mentioned it before, in slittin’ the uppity newcomers’ throats. It was passin’ odd that in a pit the size of Sperso this jake had managed such a large followin’ on short notice but I’ve learned t’nae try t’put logic ont’any Salp interactions unless I want a splittin’ headache. Soon enough I saw how he’d managed it though when he flung a spell out there what was literally a textbook example of how t’recognize a spawn of Raine. No shite, there we was toe t’toe with a spawn and if ye nae think that put the kite with the hens so far as a licensed arcanist is concerned yer sadly mistaken! I nae know who spied it first, me or Namen because we both let out a holler, but one thin’ was certain – that bastard had to die as directed by Magesterium Order One, which of course he did in short order with a knife betwixt his shoulder blades wielded by the turncoat after a bit of a suggestion from Namen I later learned. The rest of the rabble fell like chaff t’the fellers, hell, I even got in a lick or two with that whip I found in the temple and as we’re watchin’ the dust settle we spy that the captain of the Regulars is there with what remained of his men watchin’ us apparently murderin’ townsfolk.

Namen was in high color and mad as a wet cat t’which end he tells this Captain Bullardo that they need t’have a “come t’temple” meetin’ post haste regardin’ Magesterium Order One. The Captain groused his men int’supposedly keepin’ us from leavin’ and I took it int’my head t’figure out which of the Regulars standin’ there was the snake in the woodpile so’s I start explainin’ Magesterium Order One and what all that entailed fer anyone who-so-e’er had dealin’ with a sorcererous Spawn and watched as one particular jake went green at the gills betwixt my explainin’ and Fearghus walkin’ from carcass t’carcass cavin’ in their skulls t’make certain they was on the other side of the veil per Magesterium Order One, of course. I had that jake right where I wanted him and kept him there until Namen and the Captain returned and his comrades seized him t’take him t’his just reward at the end of the hangman’s rope. Nae a bad mornin’s work really.

Of course timin’ bein’ what it is for a troubadour that last was witnessed by Raul who came up and made his introductions t’the fellers and suggested we tie up our business post-haste so’s we could leave at first light t’catch the Dran what had already headed back up the pass which I’m fair certain was just a druid’s way of ruinin’ a good celebration. Unfortunately Namen concurred so’s the fellers went t’gather Fearghus’ armor and whate’er supplies we might need whilst I went t’the barracks t’give my witness account t’the Captain since I was fair certain I’d never set a toe in Sperso again if it meant I had t’climb the Altaran Fence twice on my hands.
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