I have very strange friends.
Very strange.

I thought 'The Nomad' was the weird one in the group. Ach he probably still is - let's face it I've 'known' him (her?) a few weeks now and still don't know anything about him. Doesn't speak. Don't know what he looks like. Bit of a recluse. Kinda an oddball if you ask me - needs to get a bit more OOMPH about him. Maybe I'll take him out for a swally to loosen him up a bit.

And now - to make things even stranger - Ember's horns seem to have quadrupled in size all of a sudden. Pretty bloody weird if you ask me. I didn't even know she was a Tiefling at first. Now you canny miss the fact!
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I do not know wether to be complimented or insulted that you didn't notice I was a tiefling.

Still I guess this means I wont get away with slapping women on arse and making it look like it was you anymore .