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We win! (for reals this time)
So tinkerfail has been giving me the stink eye all day... what the hell man?

Kriv and esophogus engage in one on one epic boss battle. We weren't watching because we were engaged in our own secret super spy activities. Corrin agrees to be my wing man and I go talk up evil-hot devil-girl. Turns out she's into long walk on the beach and trading slaves, so it was a little more awkward than usual to find something to talk about. I really think she likes me though, and once I convinced her that Catch-phrase would probably totally be into slave trading too, she seemed to warm up to me alot.

So all of a sudden Cyclops attack! And not the guard Cyclops either or the cousin of Catch-phrase but evil Cyclops from the land of Bob Segar!!!! So Wingman and I head off to beat them senseless and after piling up an enormous pile of cyclops corpses to block of the entranceway, for some reason they stopped attacking us.

We head back to check on Kriv when we run into the rest of the group, who are bragging about killing one cyclops.. so we don't want to burst their bubble and talk about the thirty or so we just wasted... we'll let little Tinkerfail have his moment in the sun...

Turns out that there's this magic mirror that will reveal esophogus' true form - ANOTHER exarch of Tiamat... geez we're up to our eyeballs in exarchs lately... everywhere we turn... So this guy is apparently the exarch of lameness, because we drop down (thanks to Catchphrase's magic disappearing floorboards) to save Kriv from his kind of embarrassing whiffle bat attempts to hurt him... we stomp lame-zark pretty hard and he disappears to someday return to be smacked around by us again at some future date.

He should probably reconsider showing up again though... just saying... probably alot easier people to try and pick on then Total Victory Five-plus-traitor-fairy!!!!
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