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Into the cliff-face temple
Jes set out to silently kill the 4 sleeping cultists on the 2nd floor, using Fly, Silence, Invisibility spells or potions. Once she killed the first one, we remembered that these guys explode when they die. Jes was able to kill two of them before the other two got into action.

By then, Sallah and Novid were into the upstairs fight, and the others were at the entrance to the temple.

The lamias sprinted to there, where they were quickly defeated as soon as Jes and Sallah flew down from the upper floor.

Ostog scouted the pyramid while the other stripped the bodies and studied the sphinx frozen in the spell effect. It was determined that she could receive healing, but only if it was applied the instant the spell was dispelled. This was done, and Tetisurah was saved.

She told us that she was the guardian of the tomb of Chisisek, and had inherited the role from her mother. She knew that there were fewer than ten cultists (we've killed 11 here), two lamia, and one lamia matriarch (seen by Ostog in a tent at the pyramid). She'd overheard that the cultists had another location (base? camp?) at someplace to the north named "Sightless Sphinx", but no one knew where that might be.

Ostog's arcane eye spell revealed that the pyramid on the hill overhead had no visible guards. There was a tent on the hilltop near the entrance that had been recently tunneled into the pyramid. A cave behind the pyramid (Tetisurah named as her home) was seen to have a Large snake inside. The tent had stores inside, some accounting papers, and a half-snake, half-woman figure that Amestri identified from Ostog's description as a Lamia Matriarch.
Session: Game Session 22 - Friday, May 24 2019 from 10:00 PM to 1:30 AM
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Shogaming DnD campaign 1
Trapped in Wave Echo Cave: Day One
The adventurers descended deeper and deeper underground, leaving behind the sunlit grotto and the green dragon that had made its lair there. They followed a twisting passageway for what Ash estimated to be nearly a mile before finally emerging into a larger chamber, deep below the Sword Mountains. It was immediately obvious why the dwarves who had discovered the cave 500 years ago gave it the name “Wave Echo.” A booming echo emanating from much deeper within the cavern could be heard roughly every two minutes. The sound was reminiscent of waves crashing on a rocky shoreline, but the adventurers were nowhere near the ocean. At the northeastern corner of the chamber was a deep pit, darkvision and torchlight could only just barely reach the bottom of the chasm, some 60ft. below. Kyron tied his rope around a nearby stalagmite, allowing the party to descend safely until they were about 10ft above the bottom and the rope ended. From there it was a relatively harmless fall to drop the remaining 10ft. Ash carefully prepared a harness for Arcanine and lowered the wolf down before descending himself. From the bottom of the pit, two passageways led southeast and northwest, the adventurers explored the southeast passageway first.

The naturally formed cavern merged with numerous narrow tunnels of hewn stone intersecting at right angles, likely mining shafts carved by dwarves during the initial excavation of the cave. Teejak led the exploration, scouting ahead as quietly as possible. He listened at a stone doorway and heard gnawing and crunching sounds reminiscent of the ogre he had encountered at Cragmaw Castle.

“Don’t think we want to go in there,” said the rogue as he continued to scout ahead.

Teejak moved incredibly silently, hugging the sides of the old mining tunnels and carefully peering around each 90 degree corner. In this section of the tunnels the walls of the old mine seemed especially clean compared to the grime-covered surfaces the party had encountered so far. As he proceeded to the next intersection point his foot suddenly bounced off of some invisible surface directly in front of him. Looking more carefully now the rogue noticed particles of dust suspended by some unseen force in front of him. Teejak had been so focused on moving stealthily that he failed to notice a transparent gelatinous cube occupying the entire cross-section of the mining tunnel. The cube slid forward, catching Teejak by surprise. The rogue stumbled backwards but was unable to move out of the way as he became completely engulfed by the monstrous ooze, burning his flesh with corrosive acid. He screamed for help but his voice was muffled entirely by the gelatinous cube.

“Oh shit!” yelled Ash, as he witnessed Teejak being engulfed.

The rest of group immediately sprung into action, harrying the cube with both ranged and melee attacks as they watched Teejak struggle within the transparent ooze. Gradually, he stopped struggling and went limp.

“Someone pull him out of there!” shouted Asbjorn.

By the time Tau ran up to the cube, Teejak had lost consciousness. The yeti used all his strength to pull Teejak’s limp body out of the ooze and carry him back to safety, burning his arms in the process of reaching into the cube.

“Burn motherfucker!” cried Gayjon as he threw a jar of oil, smashing it on the floor directly in front of the gelatinous cube. The halfling then threw his torch onto the pool of oil, igniting it and the ooze in flame. The cube slid forward, threatening to engulf Gayjon, but the halfling performed an acrobatic backflip and avoided the attack. Ash Ketchum dealt the finishing blow with his longbow, causing the cube to lose its shape and collapse into a pool of inanimate acid. An inspection of the acidic pool revealed the armor and skeletal remains of some poor soul that had failed to escape.

After stabilizing Teejak, the group climbed back up to the large entrance chamber for a short rest. A sense of despair hung over the group as they huddled in darkness. Teejak groaned in pain as Asbjorn applied bandages to heal the chemical burns inflicted by the gelatinous cube. Asbjorn appeared to be daydreaming for a moment but was then snapped back to reality by a booming echo emanating from deep within the cavern.

Teejak clearly needed more than a short rest.

Fearful of resting any longer within the cave the group decided to approach the green dragon and ask to stay within its lair. The dragon was resting on its pile of gold but raised its long neck as the adventurers approached from the tunnel.

“Back so soon! What magical items have you brought me?” asked the dragon slyly.

“The cave is dangerous, we need to rest, and to collect food and water,” said Asbjorn.

“You do not make demands of me,” replied the dragon, “I will not permit lesser creatures such as yourselves to remain within my lair. Do not return to this place empty-handed again.”

With that, the group had no option but to retreat back into the darkness of the cave and explore further in hopes of finding magical items to offer the dragon. Wizziff, anxious to return to a comfortable bed inside a warm inn, hastily travelled up a staircase without the rest of the group and stumbled upon a group of undead ghouls gnawing on old bones in a large cavern chamber. He readied his magical wand as another ghoul emerged from the darkness at the edge of his vision, and then another ghoul, and another. In a matter of seconds, a swarm of ghouls was charging the lone wizard. Kyron rushed ahead to meet the swarm, standing beside Wizziff at the top of the stairs with Asbjorn filing in behind the paladin. The leader of the swarm, a hideous looking ghast, was the first to meet the adventurers. Wizziff quickly unleashed a barrage of magic missiles from his wand. The glowing darts slammed into the ghast but the creature seemed unphased. The rest of the undead swarm was only moments from descending upon the adventurers. Realizing that the front line was no place for a wizard, Wizziff turned to run.

As he did, the ghastly leader of the undead swarm raked its sharp claws across Wizziff’s back, carving him open from waist to shoulder. Blood splattered across the walls and onto Kyron as the wizard collapsed to the ground, dying.

“Fuck this,” was all Wizziff had time to say before losing consciousness.

Asbjorn filed-in next to Kyron, quickly stabilizing Wizziff and allowing the wizard to make his escape to the back lines. Together, the paladin of the One Above All and the cleric of Ozrikotep held back the undead swarm at the top of the staircase, protecting the ranged damage-dealers behind them. Ash and Teejak unloaded arrows and crossbow bolts at the undead as quickly as they could, but there were simply too many.

Asbjorn looked around at the swarm. And laughed.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!?” yelled Teejak from the backlines as he fired another crossbow bolt into the swarm.

Asbjorn raised the holy symbol on the front of his shield.

“In the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy keg on my back, Ozrikotep guide me!”

The holy symbol on Asbjorn’s shield glowed bright as daylight as the cleric channeled the divine energy of Ozrikotep into it. In that moment, half of the undead swarm turned and immediately fled from Asbjorn. The ghastly leader, unphased by Asbjorn’s turning spell, raised its claws to strike down the cleric but, before it could swing, a crossbow bolt entered its brain through its left eye socket. Kyron swung his halberd horizontally at another ghoul, even after cleaving the undead fiend in two his halberd still had enough momentum to deal damage to a neighboring enemy. Arcanine pounced on yet another ghoul, knocking it prone.

The tide of battle seemed to be swinging in the party’s favor until one of the remaining ghouls raked its claws across Kyron’s chest, finding a gap in his chainmail armor. The paladin felt his muscles tense and tighten until he could no longer move and was paralyzed. While Kyron was still paralyzed, a second ghoul sunk its sharp teeth into his shoulder and removed a massive chunk of flesh. Kyron was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of pain but was still unable to budge. Moments later he collapsed to the ground, the paralysis had ended but the paladin was now dying.

In this moment, Gayjon, the flute-playing halfling fighter, who had been much further behind the rest of the group, entered the fray and struck down a ghoul with his short sword.

“Rise my friend!” said Asbjorn as he channeled divine energy to heal Kyron, “our friends still need us!”

Kyron slaughtered another ghoul, only to be brought down again by a critical strike.

“Rise again!!!” Asbjorn once again healed his paladin companion.

“I could do this all day,” Kyron said as he stood to his feet once and finished off the ghoul that had brought him down.

With the immediate undead threats eliminated the party moved deeper into the chamber and discovered the undead that Asbjorn had turned. They were still attempting to flee the holy light emanating from the cleric’s shield but had been driven into the wall of the cavern. The ghouls raked their claws against the bare stone, desperately trying to escape. It was a simple matter for the party to focus on killing the remaining ghouls one by one, ending the battle.
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Asbjorn Visits AlderFarm
Asbjorn awoke early in the morning, eyes bloodshot, toes tingling, and head pulsing like a cramped muscle. "I drank a bit too much last night, ugh". Asbjorn reached for his traveling keg to chase the hangover with a Sloppy Joe's Special Brew, but finds it incredibly light. "Damn I gave the last one to Gundren!" Knowing the many dangers ahead in wave echo cave Asbjorn is sure he must make another batch of the Sloppy Joe's Brew and decides to head out to the nearby Alderleaf Farm to find some grains or wheats for his recipe. Before leaving the tavern he grabbed a beer at the bar and some breakfast praying to his lord Ozrikotep before leaving.

As Asbjorn approached the farm he was greeted by a female halfling that looks to be in her mid forties
"Well met adventurer! The name's Quelline Alderleaf, how can I be of service?"

Asbjorn wiped the sweat from his brow still hungover and squinted his eyes ahead to see a beautiful milf halfling. "I must still be drunk", he says to himself. Good day to ya Quelline the names Asbjorn, I'm in search of the highest quality ingredients for a special beer recipe and a looking for some grains for it. Do you have any for purchase.?"

Of course, help yourself! You’ve done this town quite a service, no need to pay me!, says Quelline

"Thank you young lass. You would not happen to have heard any stories of magical crops of any kind? My tribe has a rare disease plaguing them and there is legend of a wheat that can be used to heal em.", Asbjorn replied blushing.

"I myself have not heard of such a crop, but I have a friend who may know Reidoth is a Druid who knows these lands well". Quelline pause as she thought for a moment. "He typically makes his camp near the ruins of Thundertree where the Neverwinter winter exits the forest."

"I'll go search for Reidoth whence we return to Neverwinter, shortly my party is traveling to another place first." Asbjorn collected the grain he needs to brew Sloppy Joe's Brew and placed it in his bag.

"Thanks for all your help Quelline let me know if I can ever be of help to you" Asbjorn headed on his way to meet back up with the group. Glancing one last time at Quelline he thinks how drunk must I be?

Asbjorn said to himself, "I wonder if she is wed because she has beauty I've never seen in a halfling, perhaps I will be returning to pick her strawberries in the future."

Quelline shouts as Asbjorn walked away, “Daran Edermath is a good friend and fellow farmer, he is also a former adventurer himself. I believe he is rather concerned with some sightings of Undead near the Old Owl well. If you have a chance to help him, I would greatly appreciate it!”

Asbjorn stopped as he is walking away, "more then happy to help, but where about is the owl well?"

Quelline yelled back, "Daran should be able to give you directions, it’s about a half day of travel to the east on he Triboar trail"

Asbjorn nodded and turned to himself, "I hope this puts me in a good light to her hehe." Asbjorn skips down the road flushed towards Daran's farm.

At that moment Asbjorn was snapped out of his daydream by a booming echo coming from deep within the cave. He and his friends are huddled in darkness, trapped by a green dragon in a cave full of Undead. ...she had the most beautiful blue eyes... Teejak is in a state of delirium beside him, 80% of his body is covered in the bandages that Asbjorn had applied in order heal the chemical burns inflicted by the gelatinous cube. Asbjorn says a quick prayer to Ozrikotep that he will one day see Quelline again.

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Dark Ship
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Shogaming DnD campaign 1
Entering Wave Echo Cave
The following morning the adventurers gathered in Gundren Rockseeker’s inn room after eating breakfast. Gundren was adamant about not reading the map in a public place. The dwarf unrolled his map to Wave Echo cave on a circular table in the center of the room.

“The cave entrance is in a high valley up in the Sword Mountains.” said the dwarf.

“Ah, the mountains of my youth!” said Tau as he placed his finger on Icespire Peak.

“What can you tell us about the area?” Kyron asked the yeti.

“My tribe mainly stayed at higher elevations where there is snow year-round, I never really left Icespire Peak until beginning my current journey.”

“Will we need cold-weather gear?” asked Kyron.

“Based on this map, the cave entrance is at an elevation of only 5000 feet or so,” replied Ash, “this time of year the temperatures should be moderate there.”

“What is the best route to take up to the entrance?” Kyron asked Gundren.

“My brothers and I typically travel around the foothills to the southern edge of the mountains, here,” Gundren traced the route on the map with his finger. “From there we can proceed into the high valley and with some careful navigation we can pick the proper couloir to follow up to the cave entrance. All told it is a little over a 20 mile journey from Phandalin. The last stretch up the mountainside to the cave entrance is very strenuous”

“What can we expect once we enter the mine?” asked Teejak.

“My brothers and I did not explore far, we were planning to employ skilled adventurers such as yourselves for that task,” said Gundren, “The small portion we did explore contained undead skeletons that we narrowly escaped from. It is likely that many of the casualties of the battle that took place there during the orc raids 500 years ago still remain there as Undead.”

Asbjorn and Kyron looked at each other, “Undead you say… we should be able to handle them.”

“We have to assume that the black spider is also aware of the mine’s location,” added Gundren, “their forces may already be inside as well. My brothers were camped just inside the cave entrance, I can only pray they managed to flee whenever the black spider arrived”

“Gather what supplies you need,” Kyron addressed the party, “we depart before midday. Gundren will accompany us as far as the cave entrance.”

“Are you sure that’s wise?” asked Ash.

“This is not a matter for debate, boy.” said Kyron.

After purchasing more supplies the group departed Phandalin for the Sword Mountains. The entire 20 mile journey was off-trail; however, with the ice covered mountain peaks as a reference point, it was a simple matter to follow the route around the foothills as Gundren had described. It was another beautiful spring day in northern Faerun. As the party gained elevation colorful wildflowers covered the valley before them. 14,000 foot snow covered peaks rose steeply on both sides of the valley. Every quarter mile or so, narrow couloirs carved by glacier fed streams offered potential routes to traverse upwards out of the valley. The sound of gushing water descending from the high peaks was audible at all times as the group continued their march. At this point, Gundren and Ash began stopping periodically to consult the map.

“This is it,” Ash announced as he pointed up a coulier with a waterfall several hundred feet high. “The cave entrance is up there.”

The party began scrambling up out of the valley, after gaining about 500 feet of elevation, the entrance to Wave Echo cave opened before them.

“This was well concealed by the boulders here, it would have been impossible to see from the valley floor. It makes complete sense that you drew a map to ensure that you would be able to find this place again, Gundren,” said Ash :)

Teejak approached the cave entrance stealthily, he was about to take a look inside when a large shadow passed over the group on the side of the mountain. The party froze in shock as they turned their gazes upward and saw a large green dragon flying 300 feet over their heads. The beast flapped its wings once as it banked around a snowy peak and out of sight.

“Well… shit…” muttered Gundren, “that wasn’t here last time.”

“The odds that the dragon’s lair is in this very cave are remote,” encouraged Kyron, “if anything, we are more exposed here on the mountainside, we should continue onward.”

“Agreed,” said Teejak, “I don’t think a creature of that size would be capable of fitting through this entrance anyway.”

The party proceeded into the cave, with Gayjon in the lead, and followed a narrow 5 ft wide passageway straight for several hundred yards before rounding a bend. The stench of death filled the cavern here.

“The side chamber up ahead is where my brothers were camped,” said Gundren, “What do you see?”

“Well, I gotta be honest with you,” said Gayjon, “It’s not good.”

The Rockseeker camp contained three bedrolls, mining equipment, food, and supplies to last for at least a week. In the corner of the chamber a dwarven corpse lay in a pool of blood.

“Tharden! No!” yelled Gundren as he pushed to the front of the group. “That black spider bastard! Promise me you will make them pay for this!!!”

An investigation of the corpse by Ash revealed that Tharden had died from stab wounds, likely within the last week. Gayjon wasted no time looting Tharden’s corpse. His boots, in particular, looked especially well made.

“Show some respect man!” shouted Gundren.

“Yeah. So, what can you tell me about these boots?” asked Gayjon.

“Tharden wears the boots of striding and springing, I’m surprised that spider bastard did not loot them.”

Gayjon quickly pulled the boots off Tharden’s corpse and held them up to his feet. They were a bit large for him, but when he slid them on they magically shrunk down to fit his feet perfectly. Gayjon tested them out by trying a high jump, and promptly hit his head on the cavern ceiling 10 ft above.

“Pick up that bow,” Teejak instructed Gundren, “wait here for us and defend the entrance.”

“Allow me to bury my brother, then I will defend the entrance as best I can,” said Gundren, “You all go on ahead, I will wait here for you.”

The party proceeded deeper into the cave, with Teejak stealthily scouting ahead. Only 60 feet from the Rockseeker campsite the narrow passageway turned again. As Teejak poked his head around the bend he saw daylight. The cavern opened into a massive chamber, the 100 foot high ceiling contained a large circular opening that allowed enough sunlight to reach the cave floor for natural vegetation to grow. The sunlit grotto was stunningly beautiful, but Teejak's eyes were immediately drawn to something else. In the center of the grotto, glistening in the sunlight, was the largest pile of gold that Teejak had ever seen. It took everything the rogue had to resist his urge to jump down and start swimming in the pile of gold. Kyron and Gayjon also pushed up to the opening, their eyes widening as they glimpsed the sunlit grotto and the gold pile. Behind the pile of gold lay the half-eaten corpses of two horses.

“This has got to be a dragon’s lair,” said Teejak.

“We should leave, NOW!” replied Ash.

At that moment the adventurers heard a sly voice.

“Welcome to my lair,” said the voice, it appeared to be originating from the pile of gold but there was nothing there.

“Get the fuck out of here, now!” Ash whispered to his companions.

“If you leave now,” said the voice, “I will kill you on the mountainside.”

Kyron knelt to the ground and prayed to his god for the power to sense evil. Once again, he was nearly overwhelmed by the evil presence he detected.

“There is something really evil at the center of that gold pile,” said Kyron.

“I’ll make you a deal though,” the voice continued, “I’m looking to acquire more magical items for my treasure horde, I know this old mine contains many such items. If you bring some to me I will let you live.”

“If you bring us magical items we will let YOU live!” said Teejak.

“Do you have a death wish?” replied the voice.

“Can you give us any tips on how to get these items for you?” asked Gayjon.

“The drow and his goblin forces have already entered the cave. I made a similar offer to them. If they have successfully cleared out the Undead you may need only to kill them in order to acquire the magical items.” said the voice.

“Ahh, playing both sides against each other, very clever,” replied Gayjon.

“I’ll tell you what, if you are able to slay the drow, I may even let you keep one or two items for yourselves,” said the voice, slyly.

“Have you heard the Charlie Daniels song, ‘the devil went down to georgia’? I think you and I should have a flute-off,” said Gayjon as he began playing his magical flute. Gayjon, Teejak, and Kyron all began proceeding cautiously around the perimeter of the chamber, hoping to make it to a small passageway they could see on the other side.

“Stop that infernal racket!!!” roared the voice. The mound of gold coins shifted violently as if something was moving around on them. The invisibility spell masking the source of the sly voice was lowered, revealing a massive green dragon. Standing on its hind legs and with its long neck fully extended, the adventurers were looking at a beast roughly 30 feet tall, its outstretched wings were at least 50 ft wide and nearly reached from one end of the chamber to the other. A spiked crest began on the dragon’s head, near its eyes, and continued down the entire length of its spine, reaching full height just behind the skull. The dragon’s eyes were yellow-green. Despite this intimidating sight, Gayjon miraculously continued to play his flute, unphased.

“Ok we’ll bring you some magic stuff,” said Gayjon as he finished his tune.

“Very well,” replied the green dragon, “I warn you though, do not try to deceive me.”

“You don’t look so tough,” said Teejak, surprising everyone in the group with courage that clearly bordered on stupidity.

“Elf,” the dragon addressed Teejak specifically, “Mark my words. You will never leave this cavern alive. I’m still willing to let the rest of you live if you honor our deal.”

“What items are you looking for, specifically?” asked Kyron.

“I’ve hear the legend of a magical mace known as ‘Lightbringer’ that was made in the forge of spells,” replied the dragon, “If you bring me Lightbringer, I will let you keep any other magical items you find.”

“Very well.” said Kyron.

With that, the party proceeded across the chamber and began exploring the other passageways.

“The tunnel you are looking of is right here,” the dragon pointed its claw at a narrow passageway only 10 feet from it treasure horde.

The adventurers approached the dragon cautiously, the overwhelming stench of toxic chlorine gas hung in the air surrounding the beast. The party proceeded down the tunnel.

“Good luck.” said the green dragon, “I’ll be here waiting when you return.”
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