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No Name

We go back into the hall and see Xin sitting in the throne. The Horacalum shows courtesans giving him rare sky metals and wondrous gifts. Cinderland looks at the slab and says there is no traps. We already know that it is magical. We find out that it is stairs that go up and down. After some debate, we decide to go up the stairs. It is 100 ft (approx.) to the next floor. There are 3 doors on the north side and on the opposite ends. There are constructs lining the walls. No Name detects golems. We discover there is more “up”. We look through the Horacalum on this floor and it shows the golems as trophies. Cinderland enters the hallway and Cinderland opens a door. The room is damages but appears to have been a forge. Cinderland spots a secret compartment in a column. She finds an iron amulet. No name says it is not evil. Iron amulet is magic. The golems appear to be inactive. In front of each golem has a rune that shows a name and a date. Nicodemus focuses on the amulet and determines that it might be able to activate a golem. Cinderland goes to another door and checks for traps and if it is locked. Cinderland looks at the door and something feels off, but the door does not appear to be trapped. The room has lifelike statues in pieces on the floor. There are bottles of liquids and runes. Horacalum shows Xin dissecting odd creatures. One got loose and turned people to stone. It is a Retriever (demon thing). We shut the door and it bashes it. We engage the Retriever and as a group slay it! We go to the next door. Cinderland finds canisters with corpses in it. It is a gross scene. No name detects evil, something bothers him but not evil per say. The Horacalum shows how he tried to create life with not as much success. We decided to shut the door and move on. We think showing Xin a part of the homunculus it could trigger him to interact with us.

A dragon came down the hallway and attacked the party. It is a construct! After some difficulty we defeat the dragon and it showers Noname, Cinderland and I. We look into the door with the Horacalum and see nothing. There is a construct that started moving. We closed the door. We think it is a Inveitable Kolyarut (LN). There were flickering dark of lights.

Pythia opens the door to talk to Kolyarut.
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Entry #13
Hey journal just a short note here as I don’t really have much to tell.

We continued exploring the temple while the metal girl worked on the metal guy ( trying to repair him I guess ).

As we explored we came across a group of the ugly guys whose we killed after a short while We were attacked by several groups of the ones Delmar called Skum however we were able to defeat them. One group was hidden in a secret room of course Bryn missed it lol

Hmm I keep asking Abadar to talk to the metal girl just not sure if he did or if he ever eill. Of course I will keep trying. I have also asked him to help me find my sister hopefully she is safe.

Hopefully we can get back soon and I can get the new armor made.

Now o. To important matters I sure hope my new shirt is ready it should match this new robe spectacularly, really can’t wait to get it

Well that is enough rambling for now.

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Fuck, I'm free? Now what?
For years Salass has been a "consort" to one of the elder elves in Tier tenjier. Upon his recent passing, the son of the elf removed all of his fathers advisors, consorts and other play things from the grounds in order to make them his. That included Salass. With a small amount of nguyen and a point to the nearest bus stop, she was kicked out of the only place she had known as home for almost as long as she could remember.

She wasn't sure what to do, but when a few of the others mentioned they would make their way to Seattle she followed them. For once her abnormal nature paid off, and within an hour of exiting the bus, she had found herself a job offer as a "consort". It was basically what she had been doing with the old man, so she agreed, and quickly her reputation began to grow.

While it was fairly profitable, it was boring, and Salass craved excitement. She told one of her clients one night, and he explained the life he was in, as a shadowrunner. Salass decided this could be an interesting way to fight the boredom, after all, one could only gamble for so long, before even that began to grow a bit tedious...
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Deadly Quests
70th Session
9th of Uktar - The Year of the Turret 1360 DR

The fellowship traveled north through the ash cloud and over the top of the Leopard Shan mountain range, arriving upon the Silk Road the next day.

10th of Uktar

An additional three days of travel in the apparatus along the Silk Road lead them to Iliphanar, the first city of Semphar. They found it securely under Hubadai's control.

13th of Uktar

They floated the apparatus across the Semphar Water and traveled for 7 more days until reaching the Mulhorandi capital of Skuld.

21st of Uktar

The fellowship arrived in Skuld and went their separate ways from here. Xzar, Tiffalin and Wyatt stayed in Skuld.

3rd of Nightal
Jarna dropped off Arxaris in Aglarond.
Xzar arrives at Nezram's tower by the town of Azun along the Lake of Salt.

8th of Nightal
Jarna dropped off Nix, Sevrin, and Xaehyd in Telflamm.

28th of Nightal
Jarna arrived in Thasunta.
Session: Chapter 11: The Apparatus of Kwalish - Sunday, Feb 16 2020 from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Deadly Quests
69th Session
17th of Hammer - The Year of Gulagoar 1316 DR

(day 69 of 90)

The party entered in to the monastery and found themselves face to face with a sphinx. After passing the sphinx, the ferryman was called over and Jarna instantly sprang in to action, dispatching him. Gearbox was able to guide the group over to the monastery where they split up. Several went with the monks to the central abbey while the rest explored the floating island.

They eventually battled the Grand Master. A bone devil construct with a quasit inside. Xzar opened the throne portal to the Nine Hells and could see a winged creature fly towards the portal. He thought it would be a good idea to wait until the creature was half way through before closing the portal but it was faster than he anticipated and it flew in, upon which a deadly combat ensued.

They then explored the rest of the complex, finding several brains in jars. They were able to find the treasure in the central floating island and opened the correct portal to the city of glass.

Eventually making their way around the island, they found Kwalish's lost laboratory and acquired the apparatus.

Over the course of the next 20 days, they helped the quirky quartet navigate back out of Langdarma and towards Solon. At the end of that time they were sent back through time and returned to their position under Solon. They were able to quickly locate the apparatus and flee the city. Eventually making their way to the City of Skuld in Mulhorand.
Session: Chapter 11: The Apparatus of Kwalish - Sunday, Feb 16 2020 from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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