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Posted by the GM
Rise of the Runelords
November 11th, 2014
Our Heroes continued up the stairs of Fort Rannick to try and find the leader of this takeover. Before them were three different doors. Jakradros explained that they lead to the chapel, the tribunal, and the captain's quarters. With the chapel being the closest door, Nevik readied himself to open the door.

Meanwhile, a shadowy figure kept hidden watching the group. It kept itself around the corner, waiting to observe the groups movements. As Nevik opened the door, the Heroes sneaked up on the massive ogre currently in the chapel. As soon as he heard the Ogre roar, the figure rushed into the chapel to join the fight.

This figure was Yama, a vanaran rogue who recently enlisted with the Black Arrows about two weeks before the Fort was taken over. Yama rushed into the scene to help bring down one of his most hated foes: giants. As soon as the ogre fell to the floor, it was Yama who first leaped up onto the back of the ogre, cutting into it multiple times in a frenzy. When he was satisfied, he hopped down to meet gazes from our heroes, most flabbergasted at the sight of a human-sized monkey attacking an ogre. Jakradros and Jubrayl greeted him warmly, as Yama would most of time travel with these two on patrols. He was not with the group when the fort was overtaken, but he certainly did not leave alone. They ran into an ambush on their way back, and Yama was the only survivor who escaped. Jakradros offered for Yama to join the group, as they were focusing on taking back the fort from the ogres. Yama agreed, but said he wanted to locate his stuff while he was here too.

The group moved onto to the Tribunal, as Nevik tried to get the surprise on an ogre found in there. They dispatched this ogre and the other with little effort, as Nevik also released the Black Arrows bodies that were found hanging from the rafters. Yama went to the map room, not only to find some of his stuff, but also some maps of unknown areas to him. He stashed these and rejoined the group. Nevik explored the storeroom found connected to here, but nothing seemed to be of importance in these ruined rooms.

The moved onto the Captain's quarters, steeling themselves for a fight. They heard some muffled talking, so they knew some trouble was to be found here. Opening the door, they revealed two different ogres than before; one in robes and the other with a giant metal jaw. The group took out the robed one easily, but it did manage to get a spell off that left Reiner and Yama confused. Yama accidentally tried to swipe at Reiner, but his sickle simple clanged against Reiner's armor.
The ogre got plently of good hits into Jubrayl, but our Heroes dispatched the metal-jawed ogred before any trouble happened.

The dust settles, and our Heroes remained. Where will the group go now? Down to the dungeon floor? Or will they begin to look elsewhere for more of the Sihedron? The downpour outside continues to stir the dirt.
Session: Take Back Fort Rannick! Part Duex - Tuesday, Nov 11 2014 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Posted by the GM
Rise of the Runelords
October 14th, 2014
The heroes came to a decision on how to raid Fort Rannick: They were going to infiltrate it from the Eastern Gate by utilizing a grappling hook and scaling the side. Nevik and Dov decided to try and get a better view of the current status of the fort by getting up in a tree nearby. While the South Gate did have quite a few ogres, the grounds themselves were actually quite barren. They saw only one ogre at the eastern gate, so the group traveled through the Kreeg Woods to a section close to the east gate. They left the cart in the capable hands of Reiner and Oswin, and Nevik swigged a potion, rendering him invisible, as he dashed straight for the ogre at the gate, polishing something in his left hand. As Nevik attacked, he saw a polished human skull roll away from the mess.

Nevik set up the rope for the party to climb up with, and eventually the party made their way up. Getting a better look at the scene, they noticed three things; 1) The new barrack was indeed made out of wood, and had a fair amount of noise coming from it. 2) The South Gate had 4 guards posted there, one missing a lower jar and wielding an ogre hook. 3) One of the building closest to the party looked like it was ready to collapse.

The group decide to split into two teams. Nevik, Vincent, Jakardros, and Shalelu would head to the south gate, while Naolexa, Dov, Valtyra, Jubrayl, and Kaven would handle anything that might pop out from atop the wall. The South Gate party rushed over to prep to strike, as a Fireball from Naolexa came crashing into the barracks. It caught the attention of the guards, as they heard loud bouts of screaming. Nevik went in to kill one of guards up top of the tower, as the other three started firing arrows.

Meanwhile, the East Gate team noticed some noises starting from the old building. Naolexa quickly flung a lightning bolt towards it, bringing it all crashing down on whoever was inside of it. as the dust settled, a large ogre burst from the rubble, and threw a javelin at the wall, right at Valtyra. The party easily whittled away at the beast, felling it with little injury.

However, the South Gate scene had a few troubles. Nevik took the opprotunity when the other ogre up top the tower tripped on his way down to leap uptop of him, causing death from above. However, the other two ogres saw this and flanked him. One ogre fell to his wounds as Shaeleu riddled him with arrows. However, the one ogre that remained was the larger one with the hook, and the vicious-looking weapon cleaved a good blow into Nevik. Nevik managed to duck out of harm's way, and the party fell the foe before them.

Both gates cleared, two building destroyed, and a large fort in front of them. Before our heroes could get comfortable, a large ogre came from the cook house and it stood aghast at the site in front of him.
Session: Game Session - Tuesday, Oct 14 2014 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Posted by the GM
Rise of the Runelords
September 15th, 2014
The party searched around the barn to try and find keys to the cage. Luckily some were hanging nearby, and Valtyra brought them over to Shalelu. After unlocking the cage, the party worked on getting the unconscious Jubrayl and Jakardos out of the cage and out of the spider web infested area. However, when they reached for the final body in the cage, they noticed a tattoo on his shoulder: the Sihedron.

They knew this meant ill for those involved, so the group immediately explained to Shalelu and Vincent the bad juju that permeates around that symbol. They still got him out of the cage and into the non-spider web area of the barn. Valtyra decide it would best if they only healed the two people they knew, and left the other man unconscious for the time being.

As Jubrayl and Jakardros roused, they both were happy to see humans not under oppression of ogrekin or ogres. Shalelu immediately took Jakardros to the side and spoke to him privately. Meanwhile, Naolexa led the conversation with Jubrayl.

NAOLEXA: "What on earth were you doing here?"
JUBRAYL: "Well, it's a long story. We had left to do a patrol route, and apparently during the time we were away, Fort Rannick was attacked. It was incredibly unfortunate as well, because our commander was also away during the attack. We came back to the aftermath, and were chased off. On our way back to Turtleback Ferry, we got captured by these ogrekin, along with a few of the other Black Arrows it seems. You came at a good time, as I think we were next on the menu."
Vincent: "What attacked Fort Rannick?"
"Ogres. Probably 20ish of em. I imagine it should be too difficult for the three of us Black Arrows to take the place back, may just need some help to ensure it's success."
Valtyra pointed over to the unconscious man.
VALTYRA: "What's his story?"
JUBRAYL: "Who, Kaven? He's one of the Black Arrows. He's been with us this whole time. Why's he still unconscious?"
VALTYRA: "Because of the tattoo on his shoulder. Do you know what that symbol is all about?"
JUBRAYL"No clue, I remember seeing it while we were locked up here, but I guess I didn't get the chance to ask while we were fearing for our lives."
NAOLEXA"It's bad business. Any idea what he is doing with that on his back?"
JUBRAYL"I dunno."

The party got the hunch that Jubrayl was being completely honest in his answers about Kaven, so Valtyra decided perhaps it was time to bring this 'Kaven' around, and question him instead. Jakardros and Shalelu also joined up with the group at this point, and Jakardros had the same information that Jubrayl did. With a quick channel, they roused Kaven as well.

When he raised, they questioned him about the Sihedron. He stated he was unaware of what it meant, and he got it a long time ago. The party filled him in on how it was linked to murders in both Sandpoint and Magnimar, and that it meant bad business. With an exasperated look on his face, all Kaven could say is that he was unaware of the meaning behind it. He got it when he visited the recently sunken Paradise, a casino that was using this tattoo as a member's pass. The party felt he was telling the truth.

However, after this was conveyed, Jubrayl and Jakardros began backing up slowly, looking up.

"Friends...I'm afraid we woke up Biggin'"

From the ceiling came a massive ogre spider and right for the party. The Black Arrows were unarmored, so they retreated back to the front of the barn where Dov and Oswin were keeping watch. Our party members armed themselves for the fight with the spider, and were able to dispatch it with little issue. Shalelu was able to fend off the poison from the spider after it bit her.

After the fight, the party exited the barn and tried to come up with a game plan. Currently, the Black Arrows were unarmed, and there still existed this possible threat of this "Mammy" that Rukus mentioned. The Heroes wanted to try and lure Mammy our by taking Rukus hostage, and try to fight them outside, instead of indoors. However, with varying breaking up of windows and yelling, no response came from inside. They decided the only way to deal with this was to go inside.

Valtyra led the group into the side door, with led them right into the bloody mess of a kitchen. She managed to catch her breath against the nasty smell in this room, from the number of human and animal corpses lie rotting in here. She warned the folks behind her of the smell, as she trudged in further. Vincent followed, however, wasn't able to hold back the smell as well, as he immediately began gagging on the smell. He warned Shalelu and Naolexa to maybe take the front entrance to the building instead.

When the ladies came to the front porch, Naolexa caught an eye of a somewhat blatant trap in front of them. Rusty saw blades lined the whole porch, and a windchime made from bones tried to hide a some of the chimes that were sharpened and on a hinge near the door. They went back to the kitchen entrance and did their best against the smell. They found 3 meat cleavers that were still in pretty good condition, so they hurled them out the door they came in to decide what to do with later.

Valtyra walked through a door from the kitchen, only to have a scythe come crashing down towards her. Luckily, she got her shield up just in time to block the blow. The group noticed that all of the doors in this area were rigged with the same trap, so Vincent used his magic to open the doors to spring the traps while no-one was near them.

They noticed in one of the rooms connected to this one were two ogrekin in what looked to be a playroom. They attempted to ambush them, but unfortunately Valtyra's armor slowed her down just a bit, and she accidentally kicked a chair in the room they were in. They sprung into action though, slaying both of the ogrekin easily. Naolexa did manage to sleep one of them, but ogrekin are healthy creatures, and he got right back up after Valtyra tried to kill him off.

While exploring, they found themselves in the top floor of this place. The heroes located a chest in what seemed to be a bedroom, but the lid was stuck. When Valtyra and Vincent worked together on it, the lifted the lid open to reveal a bag of coins. However, they immediately noticed that the bag of coin were on a pressure plate, and a war raxor was wound up ready to come down the moment the bag was lifted. Vincent used his Mage Hand magic to lift the bag up, trigging the trap and also getting the bag as well. He handed it to Valtyra while he worked to pull the war razor from the trap, as it seemed in decent condition as well. Aside from a number of severed fingers in the bag, they found a fair amount of coin in this bag. They got the war razor off, folded it shut to not get poisoned by the blade, and took it along with.

When they returned to the main floor, the split their efforts of exploring, to try and cover more ground. Valtyra and Naolexa discovered a room with a large number of bone chimes, one still clutching a ring on it. However, that's when Naolexa and Valtyra heard the scream from Vincent.


Vincent and Shalelu opened their door right into the room where Mammy was sitting on her bed, and three ogrekin lined the walls. She ordered the ogrekin to attack, as she began flinging spells.

They made quick work of the ogrekin, who ended up actually being reanimated. After being destroyed, they focused their efforts on Mammy, who began flying to try and get away. Naolexa, however, got into the room and put her to sleep, making her crash right back onto the bed she was lying on. Valtyra lined up her musket, and fired.

With Mammy no more, they gathered the loot from her, and continued to make sure every room was explored, as no downstairs level had been discovered just yet. Vincent returned to the kitchen to add to the loot pile outside, and then noticed a door that hadn't been opened yet.

After opening it, it led to a dark lower level.
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