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Posted by the GM
The Realm of Stars
Within the tunnels beneath the abandoned research station, the crew finds a Gnome named Yoston Briros imprisoned. He is a scientist for the Unchained. He explains that the Unchained opened a portal to the Realm of Stars and used the energies there to power their beam weapon. Yoston feared that they had gone too far - that the beam weapon was unstable and could kill them all. He also said that strange beings were coming through the portal and attacking their men. Yoston agrees to guide them to the portal if they would help shut it down.

The crew's first stop is the Arcanum. They fight cultist their and defeat the mages powering the Arcanum. When it is finally offline, the protective magical barrier around the town is shut down. The Chaos storm rages and elemental effects drive the cultist into panic. Using the ensuing confusion, the crew makes their way to the beam weapon. There they encounter strange humanoids whose bodies are like peering into a starry nebula. They attack the cultist and the party alike. The party leaps through the portal and find themselves on a massive island made entire of orichalcum floating in the blackness of the Realm of Stars. They fight off the Voidlings until they hear an odd reverberation. Gravity suddenly shifts and the party is hurled up then crash back down. The Voidlings flee. The crew climbs an impossibly large staircase - each step ten feet tall - and at the top they encounter what can only be described as a Void Dragon. It's body appearing to be made of the stars themselves. They eventually weaken the Dragon sufficiently and the link between the dragon and the weapon breaks. The Dragon flees.
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Acorn Pancakes with Blueberry Syrup and Session 7 Notes
Acorn Pancakes with Blueberry Syrup

1 cup acorn meal
1 cup flour
1 tsp salt
2 tsp baking powder
2 eggs
1/4 cup of vegetable oil
1/2 cup honey
2 cups milk

1 cup blueberries
1 cup warm water
1 cup sugar
1 tsp lemon juice

Heat and grease pan. Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl. Combine milk, oil, honey, and eggs in a separate bowl. Combine the mixtures in a large bowl. Pour dollops of batter in pan and flip when bottoms are browned. Serve hot.

Blueberry Syrup:
Mix blueberries, water, and sugar over low heat until sugar is dissolved. Increase heat until syrup thickens. Whisk lemon juice into syrup.

7th Session Notes
After taking out the monster in the tower, some guardians of the Margreve brought us to a town just outside it. The town had its own problems, which we tried to help with, and they agreed to help us get to the ship. Not only that, but it looks like Faith has earned her god's favor. Faith is a good fighter and Vasili is gone.
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Egil's list of hats (and their rating by awesomeness)
Yes hello. I am Egil. Mila tells me I should try to write a journal sometimes. I do not like reading so I will keep it short. I will write about important information you really need to know: I will write about my hats.

1. People-talking hat - this is a very awesome hat. It is green and looks really cool with my cloak. It helps me talk with people sometimes. 9/10, very cool.
(scribbled in a different ink, later)
I realise now that this hat got ruined in the fire. This makes me sad. 2/10, not so awesome anymore)

2. Natasha's old hat - this is also a very awesome hat. It is furry and fluffy but a bit small for my head. It keeps the top of my head warm though! 6/10 very cool but a bit cold.

3. Spoiled bacon hat - this is maybe the least awesome hat I have. I returned it because everyone said it was a really bad idea. 1/10 never do it again. A real bacon hat though? (heart doodles and scribbled tally of current money to the side)

4. Brigand hat - again a very cool hat even though it used to belong to a dead person. It does help me sneak and be a bit more like Martel, so 7/10.

5. Investigating hat (Martel's present) - a very very awesome hat. This is a hunter's hat...with pockets! It makes me very happy and it was also a present from Martel so that makes it extra cool. 9/10 coolest hat ever.

6. Beanie (I do not know how I got this) - Mia didn't want to swap this hat for her fascinator so I don't like it a lot :( 4/10

Okay, this was my important writing about hats. This was more fun than I thought it would be so maybe I will do it again later?
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Shimti's Confession
The whole world has been turned on its head again. Mama has confessed to the temple that she gave birth to triplets and is serving penance there. Lina and I went to see her and it was heartbreaking. She was crying tears of fire... I've never seen the like before.

She told dear Khalina that she has always loved us both and that she has just done what she needed to protect us. She has given her blessing for Khalina to be with Martel but still won't let me take this ribbon out of my hair though. It's so frustrating... am I now the one who has lost her favour? Or will she just never let me be free?

And then, after all that, we attended the funeral of Rudolf and all our houses had been searched. Are we suspects for something now? I haven't met this new captain of the guard but it doesn't make any sense at all to me.

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Posted by the GM
De Exilio
Chapter 5 — Epilogue
~ eighth-day, 8th of Hammer, The Year of Rogue Dragons, afternoon
Spinning Keep of Siri'wadjen

Hakam set the torch to the constructed-flesh image of Calimshan's most powerful ruler, and the oil ignited. Without any ceremony, he turned and stepped back into the rowboat and was raised back up to the floating sea vessel.

   The party was emotionally neutral at their most recent happenings. They had soundly defeated their longest foe and saved entire kingdoms from potential tyranny and ruin. They had set back El Sadhara's plans a second and likely final time. They had come out of exile and gained the means to travel nearly wherever they wished.

   Yet they had lost a traveling companion that at least some of them had been growing very fond of, and they could see no immediate means of retrieving her or of pursuing Samber, the main goal of their divinely ordained quests.

   When the others had joined Belvin and Kytharrah on the ship, they were concerned by the amount of blood, but Kytharrah, oddly, did not seem worried.

   "Little sister not hurt, because of trick."

   "Trick? What trick?"

   "Stab and fix cut trick."

   "Ilthian has healing magic?"

   "I think that he is saying that Ilthian can regenerate," said Solisar.

   "Like a troll?" said Belvin.

   "Like the construct that she is," said the sun elf. "It makes sense. How do you know this Kytharrah?"


   Solisar had found a final entry from Ilthian. It was written in the Thorass alphabet, like Common, but appeared to be a transliteration of Lantanese, (which was usually written in Draconic).

   She appeared to have been interrupted in the middle of writing a sentence.

...Kytharrah is not on the shape anymore. I see a giant man. Maybe he is one of Skata's family. He just vanished. Now they are all talking to Kytharrah. Now Belvordû a cûig dêag sos intleacht___________________________

   Solisar explained to the others, "The final words mean the following in Lantanese. Ordû means 'order', 'command', or 'instruction'. A cûig dêag means 'fifteen', which is Samber's number for Ilthian in one of the previous notes of his that we found. Sos means 'break', 'pause', 'rest', or 'stop'. I do no know the word intleacht for certain, but I strongly suspect it to be a loan word from common to mean simply 'intellect'."

   "So he can swap bodies now," said Leokas.

   "So it seems," said Solisar.

   "You spoke with Samber in Lantanese when he faced us," said Hakam. "What did you ask him?"

   "I asked him why he was in Calim's form, and he told me that it was what was available."

   "I am going to send to Ilthian," said Hakam. "Give me some time."

   When Hakam finished his prayer, he spoke aloud. "Ilthian, if this is you, know that we are coming for you. But if this is Samber, know that we will stop you."

   In a few moments, a frown formed on Hakam's face.

   "What was the response?" asked Szordrin.

   "'What right have you to stop me? The gods are petty, jealous, arrogant. As for you, you stole my property. I simply take it back.' It was Samber's voice."

   "What do we do now?" asked Szordrin. "I see no immediate way to pursue him."

   "At the very least, we need to regroup with Jayce," said Hakam. "He has uncovered clues to Samber's past that may aid us in finding him again."

   "I must return to Evermeet and report on my findings in the North," said Solisar. "While there, I can seek advice from my grandmother, who is exceptionally wise. She may be able to advise us. Also, my people are known to sail wildspace and may be able to advise us in such matters, if we desire to head to Bral. However, Evermeet is not keen on non-elven visitors. I would have to travel there alone."

   "I see no reason to go after Samber anymore at all," said Bevlin. "Thard Harr showed me that I would meet him, not that I should pursue him. This, I have done. My spirit quest is over. We have just saved the world; I think that it is time for Kamil and I to go home."

   "My friend," said Leokas, "the gods spoke to me clearly that this task was for all of us, not just for me. We cannot give it up now. This is just a setback."

   "I will seek a vision from Thard Harr at home," said Belvin. "Then, if he wills it, I will continue the search with you, my friend."

   "It seems like all of us desire to head in different directions for the time being," said Solisar, "to regroup later. Hakam, do you need to report to the heads of your order in Memnon?"

   "I have a special calling now and report only to Anachtyr directly," replied the cleric.

   "Szordrin, what are your thoughts?" asked Solisar.

   "My first desire has always been the pursuit of the Interlink Consortium," said Szrodrin. "We should go to Bral. I suspect that if any place might have information on Bral, it might be Calimport, and we are as near to that city as ever we have been. If everyone is going in separate directions for the time being, that is where Ferry and I will go."

   "So, this is the plan then?" said Leokas. "We split up to gather information and then regroup? If so, I will travel with Belvin to the Chondalwood. Perhaps Solonor will send me another wolf while I am there."

   "Where will Kytharrah go?" asked Solisar. "He cannot come to Evermeet with me, unless I appeal to have him accepted as an 'elf-friend', but that will be challenging."

   "He may go with Bevlin and me," said Leokas.

   "That is probably for the best. I am not certain that I could keep our young minotaur entertained while I research.

   "Is it settled then? We fly the spelljammer first to Calimport to drop of Szordrin, then to Chondalwood to drop of Belvin, Leokas, and Kytharrah. I will pilot the vessel back west to Lantan so that Hakam can join up with Jayce, and then I shall continue on alone to Evermeet."

   "When shall we meet again?" asked Leokas. "The more time we tarry, the closer Samber will get to achieving his ultimate goals."

   "A couple months should suffice, yes?" said Solisar. "I will contact all of you from Evermeet in the month of Ches."


The Frihet, Ilthian's name for the vessel, entered the clouds and sailed to the southeast, to the great city of Calimport.

   Far above — in a manner of speaking — two feminine entities watched its passage, or rather the passage of its crew, as they had been watching with interest for over a year now, from the Outer Planes.

   Your sister's power grows stronger, the meddler is now free again, and now these mortals give up search. If she is able to manipulate him....

   They have not given up search. They will regroup. Things will turn again. The Moringlord has come to our side, and the Seldarine are allied with us too in this. We need not fear.

   Not all the Seldarine.

   The Seldarine will follow Corellon's command.

   Will they?

   Take heart, Midnight. My followers have slain her chosen priestess. There is still hope.

   She will choose another. And there is already Lord Shadow and his entire city of worshipers.

   The city will fall in time. We need only hold out until then.

   And your own chosen, what came of her?

   Nothing came of her; she simply has been sidetracked. She will soon come to understand her power and act in accordance. It may be better that they have parted, as, for the time being at least, the meddler does not seem to be following my sister directly.

   Let us hope that it remains that way.
Session: 100th Game Session! - Wednesday, Jan 24 2018 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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