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Posted by the GM
Dark Sun: Rising
Chapter 1: The Missing Wagon
As the wind died down, Sardis nodded to remove the blanket covering their small cave. Chiba pulled back the cover letting a mass of sand flow in. They had survived the sandstorm, but only barely. Tak took notice of their dwindling supplies adn suggested they make for Samarah with urgency. All agreed and Kalinth took up the lead.

Not too long after treking out across the stony barrens, they were set upon by a pack of vicious jhakar. The beasts surrounded them upon a small rocky mound and set to attacking. Kalinth and Chiba kept the beasts off Tak and Sardis long enough to beat the creatures into a forced retreat. The carcasses that remained were stripped of meat and bone before the party moved on. Tak took notice of the piercings in the jhakar heads, recognizing them as trained trackers.

The face only a mother could love.

Kalinth resumed his frenetic pace while Sardis kept an eye out for the supply wagon. The dray's continued focus would be disastrous, however. While traversing a precarious set of stones, a rumbling was felt. Instantly, the ground was torn asunder and the party found themselves falling into a deep crevasse. The quick thinking of Chiba and Sardis saved Kalinth, while Tak's natural skills at climbing kept him out of danger.

Deep in the crevasse, however, Chiba spotted some silky web on a cactus. It was the webbing of a silk wyrm, prized for their exquisite silk. The adults were highly sought after and worth a fortune. That was all he said before Kalinth and Tak slid down to capture the beast. So quickly did they descend, they did not hear Chiba describ the beast in detail. When it sprung from its' nest to protect its' young, they realized their folley.

We're gonna need a bigger sack.

The eight foot long wyrm lashed out with its' considerable psionic abilities, keeping the party off balance while it struck out at Tak, repeatedly. Kalinth tried to keep its' focus on him, but it was just too damn quick to lock down. When Tak finally succumbed to the poison Chiba ordered a retreat with Sardis covering the reear. Kalinth was the last to leave; his bloodlust refused to let him back down. Though back down he did, and not a moment too soon. Another strike from the wyrm would have surely killed him.

Once they were safely away from its' nest, the wyrm turned to see to its' young, and the party found a safe place to rest. Tak would survive, suffering some minor wounds and swelling, while Kalinth's pride would take longer to heal...
Session: Session 1 - Sunday, Jul 01 2012 from 7:30 PM to 12:30 AM
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Posted by the GM
War of the Dead
Chapter 1: Ship of the Living Dead
A few days ago, thousands of unassuming people boarded the Pinnacle on the maiden voyage of the cruise ship. Unfortunately, it was not going to go well for anyone on board.

Dale Wilson, an amateur wrestler, was on the cruise sponsored by his new boss, Mr. Haynes, who was intent on starting up a wrestling circuit in his home state of Texas.

Mr. Haynes, it turned out, had a wandering eye, and took a fancy to Ms. Ann Havershaw, a newly divorced woman who was on the cruise to try to get a fresh start. Unfortunately, Mrs. Haynes was not very understanding and confronted her adulterous husband, causing the man to have a heart attack.

Luke Barrio, an Italian businessman, was playing poker at the same time, and took it upon himself to assist the ailing man, along with the nearby Joe Dyson.

Meanwhile, the famous Alejandro was providing entertainment for the evening, and was forced to take a short break while the medical officials came in to assist Mr. Haynes. Alejandro met up with Ann at the bar, and they hit it off while commiserating.

Officer Kirkman, the head of security, came in to restore order, and Mr. Haynes was taken to the medical suite. Unfortunately, something peculiar happened, and Mr. Haynes woke up out of sorts and in a murderous - and hungry - rage. He attacked the medical staff and his wife, Mrs. Haynes, while poor Dale could only stand by and watch.

Something was obviously wrong. Dale called for security while Mrs. Haynes ran screaming, and was escorted to her room by Luke and Joe, where she, too, began to act peculiarly.

Apparently, this sort of thing was happening all over the boat, and Mr. Kirkman brought in these individuals for questioning, wondering if there was some sort of a terrorist plot that the characters were somehow involved in. Having few options, he opted to recruit the characters to combat this unknown threat.

The new security team was called to the medical suite, where the situation was getting out of control, and spent a few harried hours combating this apparent infection before heading to the bridge and attempting to call the coast guard. Unfortunately, the owner of the ship, Mr. Forthington, had blocked external communication, and so Captain Romero was unable to radio for help.

Suddenly, the power went out on the ship, and the security detail decided to confront Mr. Forthington, who was locked in his room and armed with a pistol. He confessed to hiring men to sink the ship so he could collect insurance money but claimed that they weren't supposed to kill anyone.

It seemed that these armed men were sabotaging the engine room, so the heroes went there, when they heard the sound of a grenade go off. Following the sounds of gunfire, they found several paramilitary soldiers up the stairs and on the bridge, combating more of the infected humans. One soldier released a grenade as he died, completely destroying the bridge.

The heroes decided that with the ship dead in the water and no communication, their only option was to round up the passengers and organize an evacuation into the lifeboats, which would have to be lowered by manpower.

In total, only about three hundred healthy passengers were rounded up to deck ten, including Mrs. Harten, an elderly Christian woman who believed this was the End of Days and loudly proclaimed as such.

In the distance, Ann spotted a ship on the horizon, which turned out to be a coast guard ocean going vessel. Unfortunately, it too was overrun with "the biters," and was on a collision course with the Pinnacle, so the hope was short lived.

The collision set off some explosives that had been set by the paramilitary soldiers, and the Pinnacle began to take on water. The biters were awakened by the noise, and began to swarm en masse onto the deck, forcing the survivors to retreat to an auditorium.

In the auditorium, Mrs. Harten began to attract a congregation, and a few of the heroes snuck through the vents to find another way off the ship, and were reminded of the small crashboat that the paramilitary soldiers came in on.

Meanwhile, back in the auditorium, things were getting out of hand. When one passenger became infected and started attacking the other people, Mrs. Harten decided that human sacrifices were needed to appease God.

It was at about that point that the heroes decided to get out and save themselves, and managed to make it off the Ship of the Living Dead.

Unfortunately, now the characters are stuck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean without enough fuel to get to shore, and both Dale and Rebecca have been bitten...
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