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DM Angelo
Posted by the GM
Verbobonc Dark
The Plundered Tomb
Day 6...continued
Approx 2pm Daytime
The group decides to retrieve the mighty Ragnar.
Macross and Baldomero sneak back to the camp to bring him back.
As they come to the pyramid they are attacked by two guards at the entrance.

Enter the Pyramid
Find several secret doors.
A waterway is discovered under the pyramid.
A smashed sarcophagus.
The group spends several hours searching through the tomb and finally come up to a group of worshipers.
Orlen sneaks up the burning fire and places his hand inside the flames.
He disappears.
Macross, who is observing this, struggles to keep his jaw off the floor.
Session: Episode 29 - Wednesday, Mar 20 2019 from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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Posted by the GM
Stars Without Number
Great Survey Questions for Session Zero
(1 is strongly disagree, 5 is strongly agree)

I like games with difficult decisions.

I like games where a central authority directs our course of action.

I like games where I get to explore something new.

I like games with a big mystery or puzzle to solve.

I like games with a lot of action.

I like games with a lot of side discussions or “back room” play.

I like games in which I feel that I can always trust the other PC’s.

It is important that bad decisions have dire consequences for the PC’s.

Gaining experience and advancing my character is important to me.

Gaining treasure or magic items for my character is important to me.

Having a personal connection with an NPC is important to me.

The central story arc is important to me.

Having a long-lasting antagonist that I hate is important to me.

Having a niche that I am the best at within my group is important to me.

Having a chance to explore the psychology of my character is important to me.

I like suspenseful scenes.

I like horrific or disturbing scenes.

I like scenes with gore or graphic descriptions.

I like scenes where I might have to make a horrible choice.

I like scenes with frantic action, where my character’s life is at risk.

I like scenes where we discuss things without using dice for a long time.

I think good pictures or visual aides are important for a game.

I think good props are important for a game.

I think good ambient music is important for a game.

I think appropriate lighting is important for a game.

The key to using a survey of this nature during a session zero is to go through it at the table and have all of the respondents read out their answers. It was very illuminating for all involved. We discovered that one player didn’t love problem solving because she felt that she wasn’t very good at it. Another player loved exploring new environments best of all. Surprisingly to me, everybody liked graphic descriptions, but only one person felt that gaining treasure was important. Everyone thought that visual aids were important, but no one felt strongly about props. Some people felt that it was important to have a niche for their character in the group, but others did not; knowing this made everyone more sensitive about role-specialization during character creation, because even if it was not important to the person making the character, they recognized that it was important to others and didn’t want to step on toes.

This was a great experiment which wildly exceeded my expectations. The survey led to everyone understanding what the other players look for in a game, and it gave me some direction regarding how I spend my prep-time. Rather than invest two hours into creating a prop, I can spend that time looking for evocative pictures. I don’t have to have a lot of “treasure”, but I should make sure that I have some in order to satisfy one of my players. I don’t need to worry so much about censoring my descriptions of gore, because everyone is into that. When I have a big problem-solving session, I should make sure that I have something else for the player who is not into puzzles.
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A new place with elven two legs
So our latest mission lead us to go to some place with a bunch of elves. Some jerk on the border thought he could stun me, but I shrugged off his spell and flew onwards. After a bit of recon, my group found an elf who wasn't a totally beakless jerk.

I pretended I didn't know what a sin was, got them to give me one for free, doubt that would have worked in Seattle. So, the group I am working with sent me in to talk to the potential mark and find out information, it was pretty boring, in truth I just kind of kept rephrasing their questions and didnt really pay attention the answers.

Once we were done there for the day, I decided to try my hand at this so called "Astral Quest" Not sure what to expect there, but I'm not worried.
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Posted in The Outlanders
Good Kit Bad Kit
I awoke the next morning to find that Ezra and Daksh had already gone to town to see the mortician. I didn’t have any interest in gazing at corpses. Bastet was already gone to town to see Tristan. I had no interest in getting in the middle of that. And Ash was helping to break down camp. I also had the least interest in that. I wanted to talk to the man who had allegedly caused the attack from the night before.

I was starkly rejected at the barracks entrance by two guards. They seemed to be rude, but they did give me a cookie for saving everyone the night before. I was then on the hunt for a tavern to find information on this man. His name was Me- Ve- Dev. Dev, it was definitely Dev. The evil cleric that had allegedly unleashed a beast upon the townsfolk.

I entered a tavern where I noticed Ezra and Daksh siting at the bar. I was also escorted to the bar. They hadn’t found any useful information whilst poking and prodding the dead.

After finishing our meal, Daksh Ezra and I walked about the town looking for an intelligent creature that could decipher some phrase they had heard or read or something. We eventually found ourselves at the barracks once more.

The same guards stood watch, and they were just as unhelpful as before, but the silver-tonged Ezra was able to talk himself inside. We were soon invited inside as well. We were allowed permission to speak with Dev.

I started off with a soft tone, asking Dev if they had been treating him alright. I even offered him some of the cookie I had been given by the guard from earlier. He wasn’t biting, and I quickly changed tactics. This only seemed to confuse the clearly insane man. He was of no help to anyone, and the interrogation was concluded shortly.

During the interrogation Ezra struck a nerve when he mentioned Jash. Some woman Dev was involved with. I wanted to look for the woman. Dev had given himself up at the north gate of the town. I wanted to go and look for her. Bastet, who had also turned up at the barracks, and Daksha disappeared during our interrogation. Ezra started going on about getting supplies for the caravan. Less than interested, I made myself scarce.

I walked to the north gate of the town where I talked to the guards that were posted there. They said they didn’t’ know of any bodies of water nearby. I assumed that if Dev was stashing the girl somewhere, she would need a steady supply of water to survive. However, I had every direction to go, and no idea where to start. It would have been a complete waste of time.

It was getting a bit late in the day, so I made my way back to the caravan. I had seen a sign up for an event at The Songbird this evening, and I wished to invite Ash to go with me. She was already thoroughly drunk.
So after a little coffee, and time to sober up, we made our way to The Songbird.
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Bond in Blood
The battle is about to begin. “Solera.”
My voice cracks a little as I say her name, I've never tried this spell before. She turns to me, aware that something very different is about to happen. I've been working on this spell for a while

I turn and look at Blair upon hearing my name. She has a curious look on her face. It appears to be a cross between nerves and excitement. What is she up to?

"Stay with me, follow. Your wounds I’ll borrow.”
As I say the spell, a strange sensation creeps across my skin. It as if I can feel the heft of her weapon in my hand, the weight of her light frame on the soles of my feet.

A sudden feeling of lightness spreads over me. It is though some removed a heavy burden from my shoulders. I look at Blair, knowing this was her.

Something flickers across Solera’s face. Like recognition of a deep bond.

I feels less alone than I have in a long time. There is a closeness to Blair that I have not known since losing my family. It makes me feel stronger, almost invincible. But it was not just the magic giving me this feeling, it was that whatever Blair had done, she had done out of care. She was trying to help me, protect me.


The battle goes well as first, neither of us is injured. But I see from the corner of my eye the orc make a perfect swing toward Solera's chest. The orc I'm fighting looks a bit confused as I crumple in pain for a moment. I touch my side - blood seeps through my cloak.

I feel the blow but it seems to hurt less than it should. It was a clean blow and more damage should have been done. Then I look at Blair. I see her bleeding where I am bleeding. I see the blood from her wound mirror that of mine. Oh Blair, you have sacrificed your own body to protect mine. What an amazing gift she has bestowed on me. Knowing what Blair has sacrificed gives me a renewed strength and sense of preservation. This was no longer just my body at risk.

After the orcs are defeated, Solera and I clasp hands. It is a strange kind of sisterhood to share battle wounds, I'm blessed and honored to have fought alongside this brave elf.
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