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Posted by the GM
Ranel System, Planet Nola

...and dropping out of hyperspace, sensors online and ... location good.
Ranel System...planet Nola...bounty for one Sedryn Pajola 80K!.
Nola is mostly uninhabited. Sensors show a small colony. Listed as a mining colony.
I choose to set down Miss Opportunity a few clicks away. No need to advertise my presence.
Miss Opportunity comes to a rest in a very small clearing in the rain forest near a small stream.
I hope I got here before anyone else. Word has it that there is a merc team on the same job. I better get at it.
My engines should have scared away any local wildlife. Has my ship attracted any attention?


I look around for a bit at the edge of the down ramp. The air is humid and sweet tasting. Nice. I step off and lock down Miss Opportunity with my wrist computer. I check my compad and head off in the direction of the colony. On the way there do I encounter any hostile creatures?


I reach the mining colony. And things are not looking like I expected. There is smoke coming from some of the equipment. Looks like they have some kind of drilling equipment. No idea what for. Don't care. From my vantage point on a hill above the mining colony I look for any signs of Sedryn Pajola. Do I spot him?


After wasting enough time I decide it is time to head down and meet the locals. Who do I run into first?

[color=#0000CD]Insane female gladiator[/color]

Great, this huge female hurloo, you know the 8 foot tall slope headed bruisers, jumps out of a tree and tries to smash my head in with... another tree?

[OC] I have the shoot first ability so that is what I'm going to use. Agility +2
I draw my mag pistol and try to stop the giant.

[color=#800080]9 = 6[sub][d6][/sub]+1[sub][d6][/sub]+2[/color]

Partial Success, I shoot the giantess but she hits with the momentum of her club.
I do 1d6 damage.

[color=#800080]2 = 2[sub][d6][/sub][/color]

Giantess had 6 Health, now down to 4. But that club still manages to clobber me.

[color=#800080]5 = 4[sub][d6][/sub]+1[/color]

I take 5 damage from my 13 health. My armor reduces it to 4 damage so I'm down to 9 Health.
This fight is looking a little lopsided. I fire again hoping to stop her from crushing me.

[color=#800080]9 = 6[sub][d6][/sub]+1[sub][d6][/sub]+2[/color]

I roll backwards and fire my mag pistol again, thump-twong!

[color=#800080]4 = 4[sub][d6][/sub][/color]

I manage to drop her but not before she clobbers me again doing

[color=#800080]2 = 1[sub][d6][/sub]+1[/color]

2-1 for armor and my health is now at 8.
Someone must have heard the gunfire. I holster my weapon and wait for the locals. I hope they are friendlier than the giantess was.
Does anyone hear my gunshots?


Do the locals come to where I had the fight?


Several of the mining colonists wearing a patchwork of armor and carrying both pistols and makeshift melee weapons call out for me to surrender. Are they angry about the death of the hurloo?

[color=#006400]Yes[/color], [color=#FF0000]but...[/color]

A few of them start yelling at me to drop my weapon and get down on the ground. The leader of the group

[color=#0000CD]Cruel female Centipod ensign[/color]

is ready to execute me right there but someone else speaks up for me and says I should be brought for questioning. Something about me being a spy for WSC Industrial, the mining company what is running this colony. Well that there is odd. They check me over for other weapons. Do they find my boot gun?

[color=#FF0000]No[/color], [color=#006400]and...[/color]
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Never knew what bit him
Oh woe!

The dutiful wolf warned us.
And gave us precious time to flee.
Then protected us from the onslaught.
And bled his life-force out onto the swampy road for naught.

And there he lay, sprawled out like road kill, and us near warmth of strange beds.

This wretched world of Eos turns on!
Session: Game Session 3 - Wednesday, May 15 2019 from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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First day
So many strange creatures transformed here. Plants attacking us in the fields. Octopus claiming a mans mind on land. Creatures with exceptionally long arms stealing wine. This place is filled with dangers I have never seen before.

What is the purpose of this image from long ago? How long have the pathfinders been aware of Azlanti technology?

I am glad we had the strength to eliminate the vermin of the settlement. I hope that is the last we see of those Ankheg's. It was a relief to finally see that smoke house burn to the ground. Rebuilding a smoke house is a lot easier than replacing a life.

The Grindylow were a dangerous foe. I hope that we routed all of them out of those caves. Their leader claims she never saw the fate of the settlement. It is hard to believe a hundred people disappeared over night without evidence of such a drastic action.

We seem to find more corpses of settlers than answers to their whereabouts.
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A Piece of Cake
Flossin was sure that the upcoming job would be easy. Gerry seemed to think things would turn out all right. While he didn't find a turtle, he was sure that Foosten would be at the party. Flossin and the rest would grab him before he could cause trouble, and voila they would be the heroes of the city. Piece of cake. Of course, it never occurred to Flossin that Foosten might not show up to this shindig. So when the trouble started, he did the best he could with what he had. I guess it turned out ok in the end. Even if the house didn't get set on fire, or he didn't get to ride a war turtle through the garden. Better luck next time.
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DM Angelo
Posted by the GM
The World of Eos
Of the rest of Goliath....And the road to Saltmarsh
May 3, 996 Third Age Summers End
Daytime 59 degrees
East of Miwold, On the road to Saltmarsh

The Players
Goliath (Sellsword)
Gmüller (The Orphan Sellsword)
David (The Winter Wolf)
Phelan Duncan (The Magi)

From May 3 to May 8 the group stays on the farm to give a hand a allow Goliath a chance to heal under the close care of the healer Phelan.
May 8
Daytime 59 Degrees Cloudy
Head out in the morning
25 Miles to Saltmarsh
At Hour 5 they come to a "T" in the road near the cliffed coast.
They head north and pass a merchant
A couple miles from Saltmarsh they come across a small pack of hungry wolves. The Alpha challenges David and a battle begins.
David is taken down and then the group comes in to fend them off.
The pack runs as the alpha drops.
Phelan quickly binds the wounds of David.
They have no choice but to leave him on the side of the road.
The group enters Saltmarsh

9 Wolves


Famous Quotes:
"Know your audience!"
Session: Game Session 3 - Wednesday, May 15 2019 from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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