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Helpless in Body, and Increasingly, in Mind
With my face still smarting from the acidic mucous, I quietly enter the Priest Mausoleum. Leon had checked for traps, which is almost always a sure bet with his remarkable skill, but he had just nearly been killed by the stone golem. Only by the grace of Tor was he even alive. The gas engulfs me before I can retreat, and it takes me some time to realize that I cannot move. Not even my vocal chords. Drool quickly begins to slip down my face, and I worry that I will drown in my own fluids before anything can be done. Before the rest can draw back and drag me along, an ultra-thick, gelatinous black mass pours over the side of the mausoleum from the stone priest’s bowl, immediately dissolving first, all of Boudica’s metal, then mine. Boudica somehow manages to liberate herself from the devastating muck, but I am utterly helpless, and lie coated in it, terrified as it obscures my hearing, eyesight, and ability to breathe. I struggle to inhale, and I wonder if this will be a time that one of my friends will use a combination of might and wit to save another, or if this is how I will depart this plane. Smothered to death by a senseless mass, for no reason. Not even a valiant death, saving someone else. I am angry I’ll die without honor and without having helped secure the tablet.

Tenderness and gratitude force me to abandon the futile wish to control my own death, as I become aware of my friends battling with all their might for my survival. “Am I worth it?” I wonder with awe. Mirilda seems to be at a breaking point with frustration and on the verge of tears as the others urge her not to attack the mass. She’s so strong, she may just kill me herself. Leon makes headway against it, but also me, and I hear him whimper as if in pain when he realizes he struck me too. Ultimately, Boudica prevails, and I can at least breathe again. My lungs are burning, and air never felt so good—even the fetid air of the barrow maze.

After the rest trounce several ghouls, Mirilda hefts me up and we make our way back to the harpy den. Everybody is weak and in desperate need of recovery, so even a shit-laden harpy morgue seems like heaven on an evening like this. We spend two nights, and though I have recently been nervous about Tor, I don’t want to relinquish my hold on his hand after he performs a healing spell for me. I owe my life to him, again. Life is simply more complicated than notions of good and bad. What a selfish hypocrite I’ve become.
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Patience is a Virtue
Theo and Kyra finally made it back to town. It seemed like it took them forever. I’m so tired of being in such a depressing place. Anyway, they brought TRONN with them. At least we’ll have help infiltrating the Duke’s palace. It didn’t seem like I did much in their absence. Mostly, I walked around town and checked out a couple of books from the library.

Oh, wait! I almost forgot but I finally found a replacement bow the other day at the smithy! It seems I have outgrown the old bow and it was time to look for a new one. I found the perfect one! It’s got some kick to it as well! It a gorgeous expertly crafted composite bow that just feels natural to wield. It cost a small fortune but I just had to buy when I saw it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to use it in the upcoming mission. I can’t wait!

During our wait for Theo and Kyra to return, we talked to a “good” guard who divulged plenty of information on the Duke. Unfortunately, what he told us wasn’t very useful. Besides that not-so-insightful conversation with the guard, I was bored out of my mind! There is nothing to do in this town. We decided to go with the stealthy plan except for Theo, of course. It’s always the naysayer, the over-thinker, the cynical Theo. He’s infuriating sometimes. He’s quiet most of the time, thankfully. I don’t know why Kyra has taken such a liking to that man. I’ll have to remember to ask her when this mission is over.

Speaking of the mission, I’m not worried. Not only do I have Rar, Kyra, Jerdan and Theo watching my back, but the whole of TRONN as well. This mission will be a breeze. I’m just so anxious to start this mission. Luckily, we’re starting tomorrow night. Duke Roland won’t even know what hit him! He’ll get his due for what he has done to his people. That’s a promise.
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The Sun and the Void
When Boudica first saw the deck of musty cards, she reeled with deja vieux. Another one? It seemed improbable, for she had heard that such items were exceedingly rare. She studied the creased, dog-eared cards for a moment in the blaze of torchlight, and then she understood. It was here to help them find the tablet. How she knew with such certainty she could not explain, but such considerations did not matter. “I am one with the light of Pelor, and the light of Pelor is with me,” she whispered as she stepped forward, drew a card.

It was the sun card.

Could it have been anything else? A surge of joy and hope welled into her chest, and she realized that she was holding a crystal sphere in her hands. Hadn't she been holding the mallet in her left hand? Now it was leaned against her leg, and she cupped the crystal ball with both hands, watched it swirl with blue gray mist. She felt so thankful that she nearly cried, looked up at the ceiling, imagined the sky and the sun far above, whispered a prayer of thanks.

She felt nothing but optimism as the others drew cards. Pelor was preparing them for the final confrontation, and she was only curious about the ways he would strengthen them. Thus, when Leon drew his card and his lively expression suddenly faded to a blank mask and the mischievous glint in his eyes dimmed and disappeared, she was taken aback. His arms sank to his side, and the card fluttered to the floor. There was no picture, only an empty black space. The Void. No, Boudica thought, this could not be! She knelt in front of him, took him by the shoulder and shook him gently. “Leon!” she implored, but he only stood there, his eyes like empty windows.

This must somehow be part of Pelor's plan, she told herself. How else could it happen? Perhaps he would wake with knowledge of the tablet, or perhaps he had been destined to die in the days ahead and Pelor was protecting him. But they needed Leon. How many enemies had his sword felled, and how many deadly traps had he found? Boudica stood, her mind groping for an explanation, but there was none. Yet a god's mind was indecipherable to mortals such as herself, and she knew that that there must be a reason beyond her understanding. Her faith did not waver, though she grieved for Leon.

Then Mirilda drew. Boudica was afraid, braced herself as if there was something she could do should the card affect Mirilda in the same way. But as Mirilda turned over the card, the light in her eyes did not fade; instead it grew brighter. She looked at Leon. “Undue what the Void card did to Leon!” she nearly shouted. Leon's head snapped up, his eyes filled with life. He gazed blankly at the Unchained for a moment, then smiled.

Boudica hugged Leon, pressed his head between her bosoms and kissed the top of his head. She caught a whiff of Ula's pastries, smiled, whispered another prayer of thanksgiving to Pelor. Had that been a test of her faith or had Pelor looked away the moment Leon drew his card? If it was the former, she had passed, and if it was the latter, he had looked back and all was well. And Mirilda still had another wish.

Boudica looked back down at the crystal ball. The mist parted an instant, and she saw the sky and the sun, and she was filled with more determination than she had ever experienced. They were close, she somehow knew. There would be a battle more deadly than any they had yet experienced, but they would triumph. They would destroy the tablet, and stanch the flood of evil that was already welling from this cursed labyrinth.

The unchained would prevail.
Session: Game Session 21 - Saturday, Jun 10 2017 from 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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Explore, Report and... hnnngh... Cooperate...
Huh, so this whole Pathfinder Society thing is pretty sweet. Got this fancy compass I can put magic rocks in, I get access to huge troves of libraries on pretty much every topic known to man, and money! Did I mention the money? It's literally tombrobbing with a positive spin. Documentation and preservation... Sure? I guess? So long as I get my cut. Don't be a total fucking prick and give up some things you wouldn't use or be able to sell anyway and it's a one-way ticket to all the fine fancy shit you could possibly want to find. Because you're the one finding it! Sounds great. Got some motto, "Explore, Report, Cooperate." Pretty good at the first one. I'll report what I want to, they won't know the difference so long as I win. And hey, so long as I don't get some posh prissy mcpissypants paladin nagging me along I can cooperate all right. And hell, even if I do, what they don't know what hurt them. Easier to do a job with help anyway, and it doesn't sound like there's any shortage of loot.

I can run with this for a while. See what hairbrained missions they think they can send me on. Said they'd send me to Tian Xia if they needed an expert on kitsune, but ah... I haven't told them I don't know jack shit about any of that. Guess it'll be a shock to them! Only other foxes I've met are my dead ass parents and my bitchtits sister who wouldn't give me the fucking time of day, so good luck with that Jack! Though... it would really be nice to meet some others, I admit... it gets lonely... But I ain't saying shit on that. Don't have time to tell some asshole my life story.

So, life's a garden, dig it. See what's there in the soil. I dunno, adventure for adventure's sake is really nice too. It's how I got to see the First World. Maybe the Pathfinder Society will help me find other places worth coming back to, I dunno. In the meantime, it pays a whole lot better than caravan heists do, and that's fuckin' saying something.
Session: Book 4, Session 4 - Saturday, Jul 08 2017 from 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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Testimony of Honor
True Believers!

I commune this to you from the comforts of the castle in fair Verbobonc, having spent the last months vanquishing the vile Slavers that absconded with my beloved sister. The tale is long and I'll save you the indignities of the exploits here. Suffice it to say, the loyal league fell to their knees before Cuthbert for guidance, faith, and fortitude. For we lost it all before we overcame the evil.

I am worried of Meneleus for without his magic book, he wanders lost. I must return him to his master Burne in neighbouring Hommlet. It is the same worry of despair I wandered in whilst stripped of my station.

But victory belonged to good. Hallelujah!

Session: Game Session #129 - Wednesday, Jun 21 2017 from 10:30 PM to 1:30 AM
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