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Letter to Ameiko
Hello Sis!

I hope this letter finds you well, and with some free time on your hands, because we've got something of a problem. It's to do with father. Seems that he might have had something to do with Sandpoint's recent troubles with the goblins, and I didn't want to bring the matter to the authorities because we both know he'd just weasel his way out of it. You've got some pull here in town, though. If you can meet me at the Glassworks at midnight tonight, maybe we can figure out how to make sure he faces the punishment he deserves. Knock twice, and then three times more and then once more at the delivery entrance and I'll let you in.

In any case, I don't have to impress upon you the delicate nature of this request. If news got out, you know these local rubes would assume that you and I were in on the whole thing too, don't you? They've got no honor at all around these parts. I still don't understand how you can stand to stay here.

Anyway, don't tell anyone about this. There are other complications as well, ones I'd rather talk to you in person about tonight. Don't be late.

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Letter to mom
Dear Mother,

I promised I would write, and so here is my first letter. Greeting from the City of Monuments, Magnimar! I have only been here a couple days, but already I have seen more than I had even heard the traders describe. Of course, the markets here are incredible. Anything you want from anywhere in Golarion. Amazing! The ruins of the old bridge are incredible too! They say it once stretched all they up to Hollow Mountain, but that would be all the way to the entrance of the gulf...I think that must be an exaggeration of past generations.

My trip here from Whistledown was mostly uneventful. I floated down the Yondabakari River with the same caravan you saw me off with. They told me fantastical tales about life all over Varisia. I have made myself quite a list of places to see just from their stories. We made a stop in Wartle, to do some quick trades with the fur trappers there. That little place is all up on stilts because of the marsh all around! But the best surprise there was Uncle Hackett was there waiting for me! He gave some supplies to help me make up some of the concoctions he taught me. I expect them to come in handy some time during my travels, and maybe I can learn some to teach him when I get back.

There is much to see and do here, and the caravan I came with will be staying here for at least a month. But I cannot wait that long, or my plans to see all of Varisia will take my whole life. So I will depart in the morning with another small caravan that his heading up the Lost Coast. My next stop will be Sandpoint. I hear it is a sleepy fishing village, but has some theater there. I don't think I will have quite the exciting time there as I have had so far, but you never know.

I will write again from Sandpoint! Take care!

Your loving son,
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First letter to nowhere
Father, Mother, may the words of the prophets comfort your days. Blessed are His footsteps, and those who do not stray. Praised are the visions of the prophets, and those who learn them. May we ever watch over our failures, and be vigilant against the Devourer's disciples.


I fear these words will not reach you, for we have learned that Khadoran troops have sealed the gap through which our communications passed. Worse, last night a famous Widowmaker gravely injured our commander, although I believe he will recover. Baker squad managed to take down the widowmaker, although not without losses.

As you may imagine, the desperation among my comrades has grown, although it is hard to say how much impact this will have. We have not slept in months. We eat every other day, although often the meal is brown water. But Menoth blesses us: it is usually hot. I am ever more grateful for that as the temperature drops. Also, the cold weather is helpful in staying awake: the lieutenant continues to draw guard duty for me.

We all wonder, although rarely out loud, how this will end, for no end is in sight. The winter will privilege the Khadorans. The food dwindles, and many have taken to making their own bullets, for we do not have enough. Our trenches are well kept, but we lack the soldiers to man them throughout. If we shrink the wagonwheel, we must fill them in, so the enemy cannot use them against us. We may have to move, if the enemy gets a clear notion of where we are. I dearly hope that the tithes still reach our church, for I have not seen a penny of pay in... I cannot count how long... many, many months.

Mother, I do not listen when my brothers-in-arms curse, and I pray at dawn and dusk for all. My mealtime liturgies are the highlight of the day. Tell father Conan I think of him often. His sermon on vigilance and austerity is a frequent memory. I chant as often as I can, but rarely out loud.

Your loving and faithful son,
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Letter home, 2 days after first session
My dearest,
Wife, there is a cold wind tonight which leaves my bones aching, but the scent of smoking peat in our fires recalls our first night together. Less coughing, now, skirty. I feel even now the heat of your breast on my cheek, and the wind can not touch me. Skirty, I met a man two days ago who so seemed a prediction of our son: as though he had aged 15 years and stood before me....

Though the night is cold the stars are warm. I enclose an interesting leaf I discovered this morning and plucked up for you. See how the vein has grown into a knot! Love to the children, and to brother and mother Cisco.

Your distant star,
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Epic × 2!
A Birthday Letter to Aurelien
Dear Aurelien,

Happy 17th Birthday! It's just not right celebrating my birthday without you. I am not really celebrating, though, as I left home in search of Father several weeks ago, and since then have been at this witch's home with a handful of other people (well, sort of 'people', one's more of a shape-shifting blob than a person), who I met in a dream.

Hm. Now that I write it down, it seems stranger than it actually is. I promise I have not lost my mind. Then again, I AM writing a letter to you, my dead brother, so who knows what is real and what is not anymore. Though, some of the things I have seen I could not create with my own mind, so I suppose that is some proof that I am actually seeing and experiencing these things as opposed to going mad. For example, in the witch's house, there was an Aasimar woman in the arms of a Tiefling woman. They were both doing unspeakable things to each other, Aurelien. I am truly glad that you did not have to witness it. I fear that my purity is at risk for even witnessing it!

It is not all terrible, though. The blob, who calls itself 'Friend', is actually very nice and reminds me a bit of a puppy (if puppies were gooey instead of fluffy). There is also an Illumian artificer named Anus (yes, I know...I had a good laugh at his name too, but he swears it means "Great Mind"...), who is more of a princess than I am. He is my favorite of the bunch, though, and he knows of our family. He was quite upset to hear that you had died. I imagine the two of you would have become very close, if you had the chance to meet him.

Sorry, but I must cut this letter short. It seems that Dilly is taunting Anus' grumpy old cat, Mr.Mystoffelees. I must go before there's blood/fur-shed.

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