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Posted by the GM
Rise of the Runelords
April 2nd, 2017
Much has happened since we last checked in with our adventurers.

The wing they last inhabited was controlled by a powerful necromancer, Azaven, who gave the party a bit of trouble when he retreated with one of Nevik’s wakizashi’s still skewered into him after Nevik threw them at the flying wizard. After they could not find a trace of Azaven, they decided to move onto the next wing, as Nevik was not completely out of commission without his second wakizashi, and they could simply return here.

The moved their attention to the Halls of Wrath, where a whole slew of evocation spells were flung at our heroes. Warriors of Wrath harnessed the power into their blades, and came in large numbers. Only proving to be of nuisance to the heroes, they encountered the ruler of the dungeon in the grand hall. Highlady Athroxis, accompanied by many of her most trusted associates, gave quite the fight for our Heroes, but eventually fell. When Athroxis died by Reiner’s hand, a magical glyph was transferred from the forehead of Athroxis to Reiner’s. He felt stronger, and this was likely the mark to show who ruled these halls. It is in the shaped of the rune of Wrath. They also discovered the ashes of vengeance needed for Philip’s ritual for the Super Soft, as well as the legendary sword hinted by the book Reiner read.

Afterwards, they visited the final wing of the Runeforge, The Shimmering Veils, which belonged to the sin of Pride, and the magic school of illusion. As they entered a grandiose image of a peacock inhabited a large, mirrored room. Reiner, unsure of the image, swung his new sword at the image. He discovered this was an illusion, and thus his blade simply passed right through. However, during this, their reflections in the mirror seemed to spring to life, and our heroes had to battle exact replicas of each other. While Shalelu did fall during this, she was quickly brought back to life using the last resurrection scroll provided by the Black Monk. After the fight, they discovered a secret room, where the body of the ruler of the wing lie dead, perfectly preserved. They looted a few things, and gained valuable information from his journal entries, including how to exit the Runeforge.

They couldn’t leave without doing two things first, though. First, they needed to recover Nevik’s wakizashi. Second, they had gathered ingredients vital for enchanting a weapon with the power to greatly aid their fight against Karzoug. They turned their attention to recovering the wakizashi, and returned to the Ravenous Crypts to hunt down Azaven. He put up a tough fight once they found him, but he eventually fell.

They turned to do their final task in the Runeforge: enchant a weapon with the power to greatly aid in their fight against Karzoug. The party collaborated, and agreed that Reiner’s new greatsword was the best candidate for the powerful enchantment. He entered the shards of the mirrors from the Shimmering Veil, along with the ‘toy’ gifted to them by Delvahine, with his sword into the pool in the center of the Runeforge. It glowed a bright blue, and began to swirl. That swirling continued as the bright blue enchantment surrounded the blade. He lifted the weapon out of the water once the glow surrounded the blade completely, and raised it high as the glow faded.

Suddenly, an explosion of water burst out from the pool and a bright yellow light shot out straight past Reiner and hit the Karzoug statue that was directly behind the party. The statue animated and enlarged, as the party was now suddenly face to face with a gigantic stone golem of Karzoug. It’s voice boomed through the room: “You. Again. Your optimism is inspiring, but this is where you will fall. Your weapons cannot save you, the Runeforge will be your grave.”

The party fought valiantly, with the casters retreating to safety immediately, replaced by Reiner, Nevik, and Valtyra, who all rushed in to confront the construct. The status focused all of its attention on Reiner, likely due to him having the new weapon with the enchantment. The new found power came in handy, despite this statue hitting them incredibly hard and accurately. They quickly dispatched the statue, and as it crumbled, the voice returned “Come then! If you wish your death to be the first before the kingdom of Shalast, then come find me atop Mhar Massif. I will deal with you personally.” Relieved that the dangers of the Runeforge are all but gone now, they gathered their loot left behind, and used the exit portal in the Halls of Wrath, after discovering its existence through the journal notes from Vraxeris, the previous ruler of the Shimmering Veils.

The heroes returned to Sandpoint, and immediately handled the selling of all of the various loot. If they couldn’t find a buyer within town, they traveled to Magnimar to find someone to purchase the numerous items off of their hands. They profited greatly, as adventurers normally do. They now needed to prepare themselves for a powerful fight, but first needed to find out how to get there
Session: Sins of the Savior: Weapons of Sin - Monday, Apr 03 2017 from 3:30 AM to 6:30 AM
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Posted by the GM
De Exilio
Chapter 4 — Tragedy at Coggin's Rise
~ sixth-day, 16th of Uktar, The Year of Wild Magic, moondark
Coggin's Rise

Mythlos' watch was nearing its end; it was nearly time for Cassiera to relieve him. He heard commotion coming from the direction of the elder Pulkdrivvers' tent, followed by moaning, and it became clear that the two adults were engaged in an intimate moment.

   He looked down and saw that Cassiera was already awake. She motioned toward the parents' tent and indicated that their activity had woken her up early. He nodded, and tried to enter his reverie, still perched up on the thick branch of a spruce.

   "Gôr mig skâlla!" Betha called out with an embarrassingly loud volume.

   Cassiera shook her head, trying not to laugh. Then her eyes spotted movement in the shadows among the tree cover. Her monochromatic darkvision revealed the presence of a warm body where no human eyes would have seen anything. It was a small creature, with dark fur, some sort of animal. As the animal came closer, Cassiera saw that it was a wolf pup.

   "A puppy!" she said excitedly but quietly. "Come here, little wolf. It is safe."

   The little dog ran up to her without hesitation, its tail wagging.

   "You do not bite, do you?"

   As if in answer the tiny wolf sat down, its tongue hanging out of its mouth.

   "May I pet you?"

   But before Cassiera could touch the animal, Hakam let out a scream of pain, loud enough to wake anyone.

   Within the interdimensional space, Ilthian was startled awake. "That was Hakam!" she exclaimed. "He is hurt; he needs our help." She grabbed her carving knife, which was by where she was lying on the white, featureless "floor".

   "No, child," said Galadrel, grabbing onto her by the shoulders to hold her from getting up.

   Kytharrah, who had also slept up in the space, jumped out with abandon, and Szordrin rapidly descended the rope after him. Solisar cast a spell and vanished.

   Outside and below, Leokas was already out of his tent and nocking two arrows. In the darkness, by the blue light from Mythlos' sword above in the tree, he could see a full-sized wolf with Hakam's arm in its mouth and growling. Hakam was thrashing about, trying to free his arm from the animal's jaws.

   His two arrows plunged into the beast's side — or rather they should have. Instead, they seemed to hit and then fall off, leaving no visible sign of injury.

   Then another object flew past him. Belvin, having quickly mounted Kamil had thrown his dagger. The blade left a streak of silver along the wolf's back. It released Hakam.

   Leokas had encountered such a thing before, deep under the sands of the Calim Desert when they had first encountered a lycanthrope.

   This was a werewolf.

   ...And it was a pack of them, for Kytharrah painfully landed with a thud on the frozen ground from his leap from the sky to find himself facing two more approaching wolves, coming from the east. Mythlos, likewise, leapt from his tree branch, driving his glowing blade down onto the back of one of them. It punctured its left lung, and the wolf began wheezing as it struggled to shake off the heavy elf now on its back. Mythlos rolled off and extracted his sword and noticed a distinctive, sizzling, silver wound where there should have been blood. Kytharrah followed Mythlos' lead and attacked with his axe. The blade cut into a second wolf, spraying blood. This wolf then bit into Kytharrah's groin, teeth sinking in deep. The wolf that had mauled Hakam and two of its pack mates ran toward Kytharrah and Mythlos. Now four wolves surrounded Mythlos, snapping and growling at the moon elf, and one of them caught his leg, drawing blood and yanking his weight out from under him. He tumbled to the frosty ground.

   Meanwhile, the "puppy" that Cassiera had wanted to pet was now snapping at her with its little jaws, yapping as she continually avoided it. She tried to hum her enchanting tune, but it did not have the desired effect.

   "Anachtyr smite thee!" Hakam shouted, as he managed to clamber to his feet. A surge of holy fire fell from the sky in a column of swirling flame. Three of the wolves were engulfed, including the one that had bit him and the one that had tripped Mythlos. When the the fire dissipated several seconds later, only two wolves were lying on the melted snow, fur burned off to the skin. Beside them, curled in the fetal position, was a nude young woman.

   Only Szordrin, who had just reached the surface, recognized the body; it was Mara.

   Leokas reached higher ground and nocked his only remaining silver arrow. He sent it into the hindquarters of the wolf biting Kytharrah. It released him with a yelp and then wobbled and fell to the ground.

   Mythlos sprang to his feet from the prone position, avoiding another bite from the remaining wolf. He then decapitated it with a single swing. The head landed near Kytharrah's hooves and rolled, but the headless body was that of another woman. The minotaur was extremely confused. These wolves smelled like the Pulkdrivvers, and that body might look like Betha Pulkdrivver if she was not wearing any clothes. Szordrin rushed over to one of the two wolves that had been scorched by Hakam's magic and stabbed it through the neck with his dagger. Suddenly, there was Lander or Ander, also naked. But where was Brianna? Kytharrah did not know, but he knew that Cassiera needed help. The little wolf puppy was still snapping at her. He set his hoof on the wolf that had so viciously bitten him to stop it should it try to rise, then reached out his long arm and caught the wolf puppy by the scruff of her neck. She struggled in vain to free herself, yipping and snapping.

   Belvin rode over on Kamil and tried calming the creature with a spell, which failed. Then Cassiera spoke at the little wolf in a commanding tone this time, and as soon as the little dog's eyes met hers, she calmed. Instead of trying to bite Kytharrah, the wolf began trying to lick him.

   Hakam took up his sword.

   "The fight is over," said Solisar, who appeared out of thin air in the middle of the dead werewolves.

   "No, it is not over!" Hakam replied. "Werewolves still live." He jumped off the slope where he had been sleeping and plunged his sword into one of the wolf bodies. Lander or Ander's dead twin now appeared.

   "Wait!" said Belvin. "Let me try to save these animals." He followed up his statement with another spell, but he could not remove the disease of lycanthropy from the little girl with his spell; she remained a wolf, held by her neck from Kytharrah's paw.

   "We cannot kill her!" Cassiera argued.

   "We are out of options," said Belvin.

   "Feel order's wrath!" Hakam shouted.

   "Faer fanil!" Solisar shouted in answer, seeking to undo the spell.

   But Hakam's hold on the Weave overpowered the sun elf's. A three-dimensional grid of blue-violet beams appeared in a 30-foot cubic area, trapping Kytharrah and the werewolf pup within. Kytharrah felt a painful burning sensation as the beams blazed over him.

   The small canine in his hands ceased moving instantly and became a little girl. Never would little Brianna sing again.
Session: 83rd Game Session - Friday, Dec 16 2016 from 2:00 AM to 5:00 AM
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1. Session
24. Talistril
  • Von Restov aufgebrochen
  • Oleg's Trading Post erreicht
  • Oleg und Svetlana Leveton getroffen
25. Talistril
  • Oleg's Trading Post vor Banditen verteidigt
  • Happs Bydun gefangen genommen
26. Talistril
  • Happs Bydun verhört
  • Von Staglord und Kressle erfahren
27. Talistril
  • Vier Aufträge erhalten verschiedene Dinge zu erledigen
  • Von Oleg den Auftrag bekommen, den Ring seiner Frau wieder zu besorgen
  • Happs Bydon losgeschickt, um ihn zu verfolgen und das Lager der Banditen zu finden
  • Happs Bydon von Wölfen getötet
  • Ein Hex erfolgreich erkundet
  • Hütte mit Bekken gefunden
  • Fangberry Quest erhalten
28. Talistril
  • Zu Oleg zurückgekehrt, um nach dem Rechten zu sehen
  • Oleg hat nun Wachen, geleitet von Kesten Garess
  • Jhod Kavken getroffen
  • erhielten Auftrag von Jhod, einen Tempel zu reinigen
  • Oleg hat uns von einer Brücke über den Shrike River erzählt, der von Davik Nettels heimgesucht wird

29. Talistril
  • Ein Hex erfolgreich erkundet
  • Mosstroll gefunden und besiegt, dabei ist Mephisto KO geschlagen worden
30. Talistril
  • Ein Hex erfolgreich erkundet
  • 4 Bärenfallen gefunden und entschärft, möglicherweise mehr vorhanden
31. Talistril
  • Ein Hex erfolgreich erkundet
  • Frauenschrei gehört, gefolgt, 2 Nightcallers gefunden und besiegt
32. Talistril
  • Ein Hex erfolgreich erkundet
  • Blaubeeren gefunden und gepflückt
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Epic × 2!
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Posted by the GM
De Exilio
Chapter 2 — The Second Portal Guardian of Choshein
When they had regained their composure, they continued forward, entering the cave at a cautious but steady speed. The ice-covered walls reflected the light from Hakam's shield, Kytharrah's everburning torch, and Mythlos' sword. They hurried along so that the protective spells that they had cast upon themselves would not fade.

   Shortly, they entered the main chamber. In the center, the seven blue pillars of the giants' portal reflected their light. Uregaunt was not standing before the pillars; instead, they all clearly saw the resting mass of the Red Worm, the draconic remorhaz that had previously guarded the portal.

   Hakam stopped the others from moving forward when he saw it.

   "I thought they killed it," whispered Szordrin.

   "We saw its dead body," said Mythlos.

   "It's an illusion," said Hakam. "Szordin, hand me the omlar gem."

   Szordrin did so, and then Hakam shouted out, "Uregaunt, your tricks have not stopped us. Show yourself!" With that, he rolled the glowing omlar gem forward toward the enormous, red, horned remorhaz. Daylight filled the cavern chamber, broken only by the shadows now thrown by the massive blue pillars. Hakam moved into the room, his sword drawn. The illusion of the remorhaz faded away into nothing.

   Kytharrah, not knowing what to do, decided to throw his torch at the monster he had seen, just as Hakam had done. Then, he also moved into the chamber, sniffing for Uregaunt's scent.

   The others followed. Leokas nocked an arrow and scanned the room for any motion. Solisar vanished into thin air. Szordrin climbed up the stone wall and then hung upside down from the ceiling, trying to get a better view. Mythlos joined the minotaur's side. Belvin stepped out and detected magic.

   Then they spotted him, heard him, and smelled him, standing in the shadow of one of the thick pillars. He was summoning something, calling out in his own tongue.

   Kytharrah dropped his axe and rushed over with a speed that Uregaunt was not expecting. "Play?" Kytharrah asked, holding his arms open wide. One of the beast's arms swung out to grab the arcanist, but the latter deftly avoided the grab with an agility that the minotaur was not expecting, as he finished the final words of his spell. "Good move!" said Kytharrah, impressed.

   A crocodile with jet black scales and glowing red eyes and smelling of sulfur popped into existence right beside Hakam. Hakam, thinking it to be nothing more than another illusion, ignored the fiendish animal and directed a beam of searing light at Uregaunt. "Vosthyl tells us that your life is forfeit to him!" he shouted.

   Hakam was thus surprised when he was struck by a violent slap of the summoned monster's tail, which knocked him down to his knees. Leokas saw this and turned to assist, sending a single arrow at the large reptilian creature. Strangely, the arrow passed clear through the monster, and it faded as if it had been an illusion after all.

   On the other side of the chamber, Uregaunt stumbled as he tried to cast another spell and was struck by the beam of light from Hakam and three magic projectiles from Cassiera. This gave Kytharrah the moment he needed, and he successfully grabbed a hold of the shade wizard. Belvin rushed forward to join in the tackle, but Uregaunt was thrashing around too much for him to get into the scuffle. Kytharrah quickly stopped Uregaunt's thrashing and placed him in a pin, covering his mouth so that he could cast no more spells.

   Cassiera and Szordrin each tried firing more force magic at Uregaunt to weaken him further. Szordrin's struck true, but Cassiera's pulses were deflected somehow, even though the shade was held fast by Kytharrah. Solisar became visible again. "He is resisting some of our magic!" he warned the others.

   "We can end this peacefully," shouted Hakam, as he hustled over. "You have no chance escaping our minotaur's grasp."

   But Uregaunt did just that. His body instantly became insubstantial and faded into the shadow of the pillar.

   "Where did he go? Is he a snake now?" Kytharrah glanced around, but could see no snake. He sniffed the air, trying to pick up Uregaunt's scent.

   "Anachtyr, purge all that is hidden around me!" Hakam prayed, yet he could see nothing.

   Mythlos stabbed into the air where Uregaunt had once stood. Then there was a shout in Loross from the other side of the chamber, on the far side of another pillar, and Mythlos froze solid, unable to move.

   Everyone else sprang into action again. Solisar rushed to the omlar gem and picked it up, so that the light would travel with him. Likewise, the minotaur retrieved his torch. Leokas nocked an arrow and aimed it at the far pillars. Szordrin walked along on the ceiling, trying to spot their hiding opponent.

   "We must move through the portal," shouted Hakam.

   Solisar dispelled the magic holding Mythlos, as the others closed in. Just as Kytharrah was close enough to smell Uregaunt again on the other side of his hiding place, the minotaur started crying out as if in terror and pain. He crouched down on the ground and covered his head as if the very ceiling was caving in on him.

   Belvin rounded the pillar, scimitar raised high and ready to swing. There was no one there anymore. "He is gone!"

   However, Leokas spotted the arcanist this time, emerging out of the shadow of another pillar and taking corporeal form again. Before the shade could complete another spell, Leokas had loosed three arrows, all of which struck Uregaunt in the stomach. He slouched over in pain.

   Everyone closed around him, Solisar being sure to hold the omlar gem high, driving away all the shadows. The minotaur, apparently recovered from whatever horror he had just experienced, quickly put the sorely wounded arcanist in another head lock, giving him a squeeze. "Got you!" The portal guardian went limp.

   The minotaur released Uregaunt, and his body slumped to the floor.

   "Is he dead?" asked Cassiera.

   Hakam knelt over the body and touched his neck. "No, he is passed out, probably from loss of blood. We'll have to remove the arrows in his gut and stabilize him if we are to take him with us to Tosvin."

   "If we keep him in the light at all times, I do not think he'll be able to shift away and escape us," said Solisar.

   Hakam stood up again. "Minotaur, run and fetch Galadrel and the camels. The faster we pass through the portal and deal with the ice devil, the better."

   "No one is going through the portal," said Uregaunt. They turned around in surprise to see the arcanist sitting up again. His hand was on one of the beads of his necklace.

   "The necklace is magical!" warned Solisar.

   "As you said, my life is forfeit," said Uregaunt. With that, he yanked it off the bead and dropped it to the ground.

   Kytharrah dove toward Uregaunt, his massive body landing over the bead as it exploded in a blast of fire.
Session: 75th Game Session (Double Marathon Session!) - Sunday, Jul 17 2016 from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM
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Darth Paul
Posted by the GM
Curse of Strahd
Chapter 5: The Festival of the Blazing Sun
The heroes left the Wizard of Wines early the next morning, shortly after a dim sun rose behind dark clouds. They made the journey back as far as the Raven River Crossroads without incident. As they neared the river, they discovered part of the trail had been washed out by the rain. As they prepared to ford the stream, feral eyes gleamed in the half-light of the dark woods. A half dozen dire wolves charged out silently, savagely, and attacked from surprise. The heroes were caught off guard, but fought back and slew most of the beasts. It seemed as if Strahd would have his beasts harry them at every turn.

The Devil Strahd's wolves. It seemed as if they would harry the heroes at every turn.

Apart from a group of Barovian scouts, out hunting for a missing young woman, there were no other incidents of note on the road back to Vallaki. The guards at the gate gladly let them in, and the heroes returned to the Blue Water Inn. Urwin Martikov and his wife Danika were glad to see their safe return, and thanked them for the wine. So did Karl and Nikolai Wachter, who had feared the wine casks would run dry. With two hours to kill before the festival started, Volta, Verity, Evan, and Cira decided to visit St. Andral's Church. The Wachter brothers informed them that the next festival would be the Feast of St. Andral. Cira was interested to learn more about this saint, unknown to her in the Realms. In the meantime, Shokk, Lupin, Kyne, and Caxius headed to the town square to see the preparations for the festival.

The group at the church met a boy named Yeska, who invited them in and introduced them to the priest, Father Lucian Petrovich. Seeing the holy symbol of the Realms' own morninglord, Lathander, on Cira's shield, the priest confided that the church had been robbed three days ago. The only thing taken was its greatest treasure - the hallowed bones of St. Andral himself! The only one he had told was the boy, Yeska, who was afraid after hearing rumors that the "devil" Strahd was riding the night once again. The boy's older brother, Milivoj, who acted as groundskeeper and gravedigger for the church, came in the back, scowling. He told Yeska to help the good Father Lucian, and then went out and back to work.

St. Andral's Church was a refuge, but a dreary one.

Volta tried talking with the young man as she chopped wood for the church, and Cira talked with Yeska. She got the boy to reveal that he had told only one person - his brother - about the bones of St. Andral and that they had been hidden in a crypt below the church's altar. The cleric went to confront Milivoj, and under the ire of her gaze, he revealed he'd been paid to steal them by Henrik van der Voort, the local coffin maker. He'd only done so for enough money to feed his brothers and sisters, as their parents had died years ago. Sympathetic to his plight, Cira did not punish him save to make him promise to apologize to Father Lucian. She rounded up the rest of her companions, and they made their way back to the inn.

The rest had found little, apart from sad decorations and miserable looking villagers. Meeting with their companions at the inn, they all opted to head to the coffin maker's shop to speak with the man. With an hour or so to spare, they figured they would have plenty of time to make the Festival of the Blazing Sun. The shop appeared closed when they arrived, and knocking on the door only produced shouts. "Go away! We are closed! Leave me alone!" When attempts at subterfuge failed, Shokk simply kicked the door down, breaking the bar holding it fast!

Henrik, the coffin maker, collapsed and sobbed, "They made me do it! He came one day. Vasili von Holtz. He made me keep them here. They are upstairs, in the attic..." Shokk and Volta made their way upstairs, while the rest took up position below. The attic storeroom was full of piles of wood and crates. As Shokk approached one, it splintered apart as a hand burst free of it, scattering wood and loose earth. Four more followed, and the barbarian and the paladin found themselves facing five vampire spawn!

The rest rushed upstairs, and a fierce battle raged in the cramped confines of the coffin maker's attic. The undead shrugged off blows that would have split a normal man in twain, almost instantly healing wounds that would have been lethal. Blood was drained, but flashes of radiant light and the hew of axes put an end to the vampires. In the aftermath, they found Saint Andral's bones and Caxius remembered where he'd heard Holtz's name before...the Abbey of St. Markovia! It was no less than Strahd himself in disguise. Henrik revealed the vampire's spawn had terrorized him, and planned to attack the church during the Festival of St. Andral a week from the day.

The vampire spawn were almost feral, and were hungry for blood. It was a close, close thing, but the heroes prevailed.

They quickly returned the bones to a grateful Father Lucian, and the church was once again hallowed ground. They rushed back to the festival, only to be greeted by a procession of sad looking children in drooping flower costumes escorting the mounted Baron Vallakovich, his Lydia, and the Baron's soldiers to the town square. An enormous wicker sun had been raised on a crane, and the Baron rode forth with all solemnity to light it with a fiery brand. But a sudden downpour extinguished his torch, and one of his own guards began to laugh. A gasp ran through the crowd, and the sputtering, red-faced baron immediately demanded the guard be bound and tied behind his horse so that he could drag him through the town, as penalty for his disrespect and mockery.

The heroes intervened. Verity's words did not sway the baron, and though Cira had cast a spell to calm his hostile emotions, the baron's henchmen Izek Strazni took umbrage. "Sorcery! She seeks to charm the baron!" He charged her with his axe, slashing away, and only Cira's mail and shield saved her from death. Evan cast a spell to freeze the devil-armed henchman in place, and he was paralyzed! Kyne, Volta, and Verity made quick work of him, and Lupin charged Baron Vallakovich himself after the stout, angry man had slashed at the cleric, Cira. He tore the nobleman's throat out, and Shokk finished him. "The Baron is dead," he roared. Caxius caused the earth to tremble with a spell, while Verity created an illusory wall of flames. It was too much. The guards broke, the crowd fled, and the square was deserted.

[I]The Baron was dead. Long live the Baroness...?[/I]

In the aftermath, the heroes made their way back to the Blue Water Inn. Change had come to Vallaki, and only the morrow would tell if the change would bode ill for them...
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