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Order 66
Dates: 16:5:22 - 23
Location: Kashyyyk
Report by: Quartermaster Se

All accounts have at that time, the men of Master Todrin Quee's "Special Team" were engaging CIS forces within the Wawaatt Archipelago. Than at 2100 hours Galactic Standard Time, Order 66 was given by the Supreme Chancellor to the RAF across the galaxy. The message was eventually sent to the Clone Commando under the leading "Jedi" (who we since have still not been able to find in any records as a member of the order). He than sent the message on to the other Clone Commanders and the rear forces. Just as he was instructing his own unit of the contingency order, the "Jedi approached him, inquiring as it seems why he was talking on the coms and not fighting. At this point the Commando and the clones under him opened fire on the "Jedi" who began combat with the Commando, staying in melee to use the clone partly as a shield.

Meanwhile the clones under Bustubok than began to execute the order against him, apparently getting a couple good shots in, as he lost his balance for a moment, but the armor I provided him was better than that. The Agricore worker than turned around towards his clones, revealed a lightsaber he had somehow gotten, and went into a rage as he charged into them.

Commander Stazi had reached the "Jedi" and began questioning what was going on as he tried to break them up. At that time, Major Isshan had also noticed, and had began running towards the struggle. LTR0807 continued the charge against the remaining Separatist forces.

At this point, witnesses say Commander Stazi began running tot he front lines of the combat, followed by the "Jedi" fleeing much faster than he should have been able to (I believe was his manipulation of the force) and Isshan ran before the Clone unit and began demanding answers to questions he continued to ask several people about repeatedly (some comment may have been nothing more than a distraction tactic). As the "Jedi" made a ran for it, he was attacked by an AT-AP and a LATT/i which also dropped off a load of troopers; the target managed to get through all those obstacles and ran aboard the Wookies Honor.

Bustubok had apparently began to tire and made it out of the Clones, although he was greatly injured and fatigued at this point. The target's demise was seeming imminent, when he than began backing into a Unit of Wookie volunteers nearby that were still engaging the droids. As he fell back into the crowd, he deactivated his weapon, and threw that away along with his armor as he pushed deeper and deeper in until he became lost within the other Wookies.

The Wookeis Honor was than sighted as taking off with little to no delay and flew off towards the main engagement.

The Clones continued searching for Bustubok, but were unable to locate him. Around this time, Isshan, Stazi, Justified's Wookie Team, LTR0807, and the Sons of Anarchy, and a team of Wookie soldiers boarded the LAAT/i, where the pilot was apparently "removed" by Isshan. The LAAT/i was last seen flying towards away, not towards the the rear, or main engagement.

By 2200 GST, I received news of the death of Master Quee. No status of his Padawan. The Space Hound received orders to go to some coordinates still within the Wawaatt Archipelago, but not where any troops are known to be.

By 2330, receive news that Quee's Padawan had left Coruscant to make a "delivery"; current location unknown, destination, unknown. An occurrence happens aboard the Lights Out according to the clones, nothing comes of it.

Space Hound returns to the Lights Out. On board are Captains Stazi and LTR0807 along with 1/5 of the Sons of Anarchy. The clones of the bomber claim they witnessed two "Jedis" and one of them were entangled with vines claiming it to be the work of the force (possibly one of the Wookies aboard the LAAT/i and on that island was BusTubok). Report by the returning member of the Sons of Anarchy involved 4/5 of the Sons being attacked by Ex-Major Isshan and an engagement between two "Jedis" and LTR0807. It turned from a fight into a stand-off, into a disengagement; the Wookies Honor taking off with the Republic enemies on board. According to the crew of the Space Hound, while flying back to the Lights Out, CPT Stazi ordered the Wookies Honor to be shot down by the Marauder. The Duros claimed it was a success.

From what I can determine, Stazi and LTR0807 acted with their best intentions to serve the Republic and keep peace. Isshan (Presumably dead) on the other hand went too far by aiding Republic traitors and killing three of the troopers of the Sons of Anarchy (One was recovered form the island the stand-off occurred, injured but alive).

Captain Stazi had requested some time-off after the Battle of Kashyyyk was officially over. Leave was granted for him to return to his family on Nar Shaddaa. LTR0807 was since been put in charge of the remainder of the Sons of Anarchy and Justified Clone Team as it is reviewed to rebuild them in this new Galactic Empire. Order 66 is to remain in effect until further notice by the Emperor. As of now, Masters are to be immediately executed, Knights are to be detained or executed, while Padawans and any members of the Order's Corps are to be detained for interrogation.

-End Report-
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Battle of Kashyyyk
In a system gripped by fear and greed on roads greased with blood and tears, who is left to look out for the little guy and see if he has any credits on him? Yes, it's the surprising adventures of (alphabetically) Major Isshan, Captian LTR0807, and Captain Malfo Stazi.

After all the heroes met up with the fleet carrying the 501st and Jedi Grand Master Yoda, they prepared to break through the CIS blockade to the planet. Lama had already given Malfo his new Katarn'class Commando Armor redesigned for a Duros and already slightly modified to replace his current shadow armor and velour uniform. It came with a Republic symbol in red on it's right arm, the Marauder symbol on the left in grey, and Republic Navy Commander markings on his upper left chest.

Isshan got some newer armor fitted for him, all phase II parts. It had a Brown Justified symbol on his left arm, a red Republic symbol on his right, a GAR Major symbol, and on his shoulders a yellow Pauldron. LTR0807 was also given some new armoring over some of his more damaged looking areas. with some clone elbow and knee pads along with a chest piece; on the chest's front's upper right was the red Republic symbol, its upper left a captain symbol, and a large Sons of Anarchy symbol in black on the back. Proper symbols and new equipment if needed was also provided to Justified Squad, the Sons of Anarchy, and Marauder 1.

Malfo, Isshan, and Bustubok took aboard the Lights Out and jumped with the rest of the fleet towards the planet as LTR0807 and the Sons of Anarchy boarded a LAAT/i with some more troops to follow once they got through the blockade. Once out of the micro-jump, Captain Stazi took the pilot seat and maneuvered defensively, suing the larger capital ships as cover from the Separatist blockade. The Cruiser took a couple shots, but the damage was primarily cosmetic in the end as it made it through to he planet and began a new course to rendezvous with a team on surface who needed aid.

Upon landing on an island only miles away from the primary engagement at Kachirho, but still in the Wawaatt Archipelago, the heroes made contact with the GAR forces and their Wookie allies. The Republic troops had been moving to meet up with a group of Wookie warriors who had gathered from a collection of villages, including the village Isshan was born in. On their way, the RAF were attacked by a contingent of droids, meant to distract and slow them down, while the Wookies were hit by a Trandoshan slaving company. The Wookies did well to beat the Trandoshans back, but had lost about a third of their forces as captives to the slavers. After properly rendezvousing, a third of the Wookies and half the clones moved on to the primary Kashyyk defensive lead by an Ex-Jedi Rann Kanu and the Wookie Scout named Adimus, while those staying behind would try to rescue the other Wookies lead by Ambassador Rowor and unaffiliated Jedi, Sachmo Kanu.

After reviewing the forces at their disposal, Isshan was assigned an entire unit, along with Bustubok, and one that would be lead by the self-proclaimed Jedi. LTR0807 would coordinate the vehicles and lead the Sons of Anarchy on AT-RTs. Malfo would coordinate the air units and fly the Space Hound personally.

Having used an old trail the Wookie scouts had found, Isshan and LTR0807 lead their troops as close as they could to the clearing that held the caged Wookies, along with slavers and many Confederate troops. Just as some Trandoshans guards had noticed the movement of troops int he wood-line and began communicating to activate the droids, Malfo came flying over another tree-line and bombed the most threatening target, a Persuader.

The droids began to activate and form up and the Geonocian warriors charged, as the air units rained down hell and the ground troops began to move into the clearing. For a while the air units had to deal with a flight group of Vultures, meanwhile the vehicles began pelting the other enemy ground units, but they soon dispatched all the larger threats first. Eventually what remained of the troops met, and the battle continued on as the Space Hound and Sons of Anarchy began heading towards the Slaver ship that would hold needed codes to make freeing the Wookies easier, and hopefully more information on other slave camps. The first Unit to defeat their enemies was Justified, and a Oevvaor jet catamaran took Isshan the rest of the way to the Trandoshan vessel while his unit assisted Bustuboks with cleaning up remaining droid forces.

The trio of heroes boarded the ship, finding a Trandoshan Mercenary, Bounty Hunter, Geonocian Elite Warrior, and a Magnaguard waiting them. They intimidated the organisms to begin surrendering, but the IG-100 wouldn't have it, and attacked; only to be quickly cut down by the party. Demanding surrender again, the life-forms did, and began helping the heroes get the information they needed from the computers.

After successfully gaining info they needed, and disabling the defenses around the cages the heroes left the ship to discover their troops had made a perimeter around the area, and a non-military freighter had landed and began distributing weapons to Wookies as they were freed from their cages, courtesy of Zed the Hutt. The trio had the remaining slavers locked up in the Wookies' place and met with Commanders Bustubok and Smatchmo.

Soon though, Malfo recieved information from the Lights Out's systems operator, Nima, that she saw an incoming vessel on the sensors. He ordered them to move in and attempt disabling the possible reinforcements before it made it to the clearing without destroying the forest it flew over. The cruiser attempted to shoot down the landing craft, but only dealt it some good damage. Stazi than continued ordering them to fire upon it before it can unload all its troops, as the other heroes and their allies prepared their troops to begin charging where it was landing. The retrofired consular ship finished the C-9979, but a MTT had gotten off first and began unloading more droids, nothing the GAR forces couldn't handle though.
Session: Battle of Kashyyyk - Thursday, Aug 23 2012 from 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM
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Battle of Coruscant
In a galaxy going to Hell where all the power cells and power packs are kept behind the counter where you can't reach them, who is left to fight for decency, honesty, and a three liter bottle of Circuit Cider for an amazing 59 credits? Yes, it's the surprising adventures of (alphabetically) Captain Isshan, Lieutenant LTR0807, and Lieutenant Commander Malfo Stazi.

The heroes went to Nar Shadda, looking for some answers of what happened to their lost friend. They talked with Prello, Barin, saw the mysterious Seer. Leads there brought them back to the Shadowport, Point Nadir. Some detective work eventually yielded another clue, followed by some more information, followed by another lead. They of course killed some Sabel Dawn assassins as they normally do, upset members of Epsis, made deals with Fetwin, and even bought a slave. After getting what they felt was enough info along with causing enough trouble, they were smuggled off the port by Taarna by the help of their Bothan Underworld specialist. Although their allies and ships were scattered across the galaxy, they now had in their hands a datachip with the supposed buyer of Lee Mei.

They were informed they were heading to Coruscant, but what awaited them when they left hyperspace was a very unexpected scene. The world was under attack by the CIS fleet. This lead to their quest, The Battle of Coruscant.

In the end they were successful in helping push back Separatist forces as they cleared a landing zone for RAF reinforcements. The heroes were eventually joined by the new members of the Sons of Anarchy, Justified Squad, and Malfo's Marauders. They eventually fought entire Units of incoming Battle droids, but held out, finishing the enemy with an orbital shot from the Lights Out's Turbolaser.

Will our heroes escape the clutches of General Grievous, Sir what's-his-name, and the droids, and the Geonocians? Why do you need three proofs of address for a license for a ship you only want to sleep in? Soon our heroes will know these answers and more.
Session: Coruscant Offensive - Thursday, Aug 09 2012 from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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Battle of Belderone
The Battle of Belderone resulted from intelligence gained via the captured mechno-chair of Nute Gunray.

Using it, the Jedi intercepted a message from General Grievous, informing the members of the Separatist Council that they were to be moved to Belderone after Grievous conquered the world. The Jedi High Council dispatched a military force under Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker to defend the planet from Grievous.

In a society whose toothy fake smile is ravaged by the black of debt and the misuse of war funds, who will floss into the darkest cavities of despair and see if there are any gold fillings they can swap for some Bothan Brandy? Yes, it's the surprising adventures of (alphabetically) Captain Isshan, Lieutenant LTR0807, and Lieutenant Commander Malfo Stazi.

Our heroes, who were finishing a bodyguard mission for Todrin Quee, were told to return to duty, rendezvousing at Taanab. From there they move over to the Wookies Honor, already there to make it to the upcoming engagement on time.

When Grievous's fleet emerged from hyperspace, its ships immediately came under attack by a Republic battle group of sixty capital vessels.

The Lights Out engaged with Harcells while on a nearby Star Destroyer, Isshan & LTR0807 prepared some Latties for a possible boarding mission.

The Invisible Hand, General Grievous' flagship, opened fire on a refugee convoy attempting to flee the besieged planet, causing the deaths of approximately ten thousand innocents. This caught the Republic forces by surprise, and it allowed Grievous' fleet to escape into hyperspace.

Not all the ships made it out though, to include a Lucrehulk that took a hit to its hyperdive engines. The assault team divided its small force and infiltrated the battleship from two directions. They eventually both took a beachhead on each side, and from there held their position as smaller teams attempted to infiltrate their way to the engine room. Eventually Isshan and two of his members of Wookie Team made it to the engine room about the same time as LTR0807 & a random Clone Trooper. Flying through the Battleship to there position came the Space Hound, with Malfo taking to foot the rest of the way to assist his comrades.

From there the group fought for control of the engineering bay as their support troops disposed of lesser droids and took Nemoidian engineers captive. They than disabled the hyperdrive for good, allowing a full boarding of the battleship by RAF as they fought to hold their position till the ship was officially theirs.

Despite the heavy losses, the Battle of Belderone was deemed a victory for the Republic, and representatives of the planet expressed their gratitude to the Senate.

From their the heroes decided to deal with some personal business on Nar Shaddaa. But what awaits them in a galaxy where it's more important to know who your friends are rather than where your parents are. How will our heroes fair against the forces of intergalactic conspiracy and see what they can take them for?
Session: Battle of Belderone - Thursday, Jun 28 2012 from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Elucidara - First Year At Nephilim
Journal of Elucidara - Dated August 18th 533

<As per usual, this entry has been liberally decorated with small sketches and doodles, though now begin to show more proficiency and detail. The calligraphy used to write appears to have some relation to the written form of Auran, wherein the capitol letters are elongated and curl smoothely into the words that follow.>

The Acadeny is much bigger than I thought! So many much to see! I got lost a lot, though usually it was because I stopped to look at something and forgot which direction I was going!

There are a lot of people here too, though they are all a lot older than I am. A lot of them looked at me funny...some even laughed at me and told me I should run back home before I caused trouble. I didn't know there were mean people here...

I did meet some friendly people though. One girl helped me find my room. Her name is Medea Fallon and shes 16. It's her first year here too, but she started in the summer and knows her way around well enough. She talked a lot as we walked. She told me she came here to study necromancy. She is a strange girl, but she was nice to me. She even offered to help me unpack, but I said I was ok.

My room in really big. It's at the very top of the tower so it's really high up. Medea said nobody ever wanted that room because it was so high up, but I like it. I can even see my mother's house back in town! I can also see a bit into the Archmage's tower. Sometimes I see him pacing back and forth, like he's worried about something. He noticed me watching and waved at me, so I waved back. He seems nice...for an old man I guess.

I have to go now. Gildy came in to see me. I'm so glad that I get to see her more now that shes going to be one of my teachers!

Journal of Elucidara - Dated January 5th 534

<This entry appears to be more drawings and sketches than writing. Moreover, it appears that she also used it partially to take notes, as a few scraps of magical theories on summoning magic can be noted in the margins and at the bottom of the page>

So far, I really like it here at the Academy. I visit the school's library often and think I've made really good friends with the head librarian, Mr. Matzen. I'd never seen a drow before I met him! I felt a little strange asking him why he didn't look like other elves, but despite what I've read about them, Mr. Matzen seems very nice and didn't get mad at me for it. He didn't want to talk much about them, though.

I also met his son, Nemeros, whom isn't a student here, but does help his father around the library a lot. Nemeros knows some magic from the Divination school, and he uses it to help students find what they need in the library. He seems ok, but he doesn't like to talk very much.

Medea has been with me a lot over the past few months. We don't have a lot of the same classes, but we do walk together whenever we're going the same direction, and during meal times we sit over by the steps leading into the main hallway.

She talks a lot about her parents. I guess her family has a lot of money, and they used it to buy her a really nice education. She also talks about her brother, Saaren, who is her hero. She says that he's a sorcerer, someone who was born with the ability to cast magic without needing to be taught. When I told her that I could too, she looked at me funny and asked me why I was at the Academy then, since most sorcerers are self-taught or have personal mentors.

She said we should find out what gives me my magic, and that maybe I was descended from a dragon! Can you imagine?

Journal of Elucidara - Dated May 21st 534

<This entry, decorated as usual, is written more hastily than usual.>

Today was the last day of my first year here at the Academy. I feel like I learned a lot, and not only that, I met a lot of interesting people! It feels strange knowing that I'll be returning home for the next few months, but at the same time, I do miss seeing mother.

I feel bad, though, too. Medea told me that she is going to be staying here for the summer. She said that she and her parents don't get along well anymore and the school doesn't mind her staying until next year. I told her she could come and visit me in Nimdel, but she said she probably wouldn't. Oh well.

It is going to be hard to get everything packed up, so I guess I better get started!
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